The life and legacy of Charlie Hill

first_imgAPTN National NewsHe was the First Native American comedian to break through the bucksin curtain.Charlie Hill was well known in Indian Country and made a name for himself along side other big names like George Carlin and Richard Pryor.After a long battle with lymphoma, Hill passed away at the age of 63.APTN’s Shaneen Robinson takes a look at the life and legacy of Charlie Hill.last_img


Blake warns Lanka risks renewed conflict

In Washington, Robert Blake, U.S. assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asia, said that accountability and reconciliation were in Sri Lanka’s best interests, so “they really can achieve peace and security and not sow anger in their own community that could give rise to new violence.”“Experience in many civil conflicts around the world has shown that countries that don’t take adequate measures to address reconciliation and accountability frequently experience a regeneration of the insurgency that they faced,” he told The Associated Press. “We could see very much that similar situation in Sri Lanka.”He said that since the war ended, the government has done a lot to build roads and infrastructure in the north of the island where the Tigers had fought for a separate state, independent of the ethnic Sinhalese majority. But he said many Tamils in the north feel they remain under “military occupation.” He called for provincial elections to devolve power, and for Tamils to take more control of policing the region. “If one is genuinely interested in Sri Lanka, it’s important to understand the ground reality and to give time and space for reconciliation,” a government spokesman, Bandula Jayasekara, said in an email to AP.Rights activists say Sri Lanka’s homegrown efforts at accountability have so far fallen far short of international standards. And in a report launched in Geneva on Tuesday — rejected by the government as misinformation — Amnesty International said dozens of people in Sri Lanka have been abducted and tortured by security forces since 2009, and hundreds are being held in illegal detention. Among those detained are suspected Tamil Tigers, but also lawyers, journalists and human rights activists, said Sam Zarifi, Amnesty’s Asia-Pacific director.He said the lack of accountability for severe rights violations “has sent a very clear signal to security forces throughout Sri Lanka that they can get away with abduction, torture, even murder, without having to fear that they will have to suffer any consequences for it.” The U.S. warned that Sri Lanka risks renewed conflict unless it addresses war crimes allegations, while rights groups said that abuses by security forces continue, three years after fighting against Tamil rebels ended.Sri Lanka has reacted angrily to the growing international pressure to account for thousands of civilians suspected to have died in the final months of the quarter-century-long war, when government forces finally crushed the separatist Tamil Tigers. Sri Lanka has dismissed the documentary as influenced by Tamil Tiger sympathizers, and a draft resolution introduced by the U.S. to the U.N. Human Rights Council as an interference in its affairs. The government has organized protests at home against the resolution, and a Cabinet minister has called for a boycott of U.S. products such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, KFC, McDonalds and Google’s email service Gmail. Additionally, rights activists have accused Sri Lanka of trying to intimidate Sri Lankan civil society representatives in Geneva. In an unusual move, the U.N. Human Rights Council’s president, Laura Dupuy Lasserre, voiced concern over unauthorized photographing and videoing of activists. Sri Lanka responded that those concerns were “pure conjecture” circulated by people with a political agenda.Eileen Donahoe, U.S. ambassador to the council, said Sri Lanka had reacted “very negatively” to the resolution and has fought it “tooth and nail” but she expected it to pass.She said the resolution has been toned down from an earlier version that sought a government action plan on accountability and reconciliation by June. It now calls for the U.N. Human Rights Commissioner to report to the council a year from now on the steps Sri Lanka has taken.Sri Lanka enjoys considerable support in the U.N. rights body. Russia, China, Cuba and other Asian, African and Latin American countries are expected to vote against the resolution. (AP) Sri Lanka, however, says the U.S.-backed resolution will only undermine its reconciliation efforts and fuel conflict. In Colombo on Tuesday, Housing Minister Wimal Weerawansa said the resolution would encourage separatism and terrorism by the Tamil Tigers. A new documentary by Britain’s Channel 4 television that screens Wednesday alleges that several war crimes suspects are now in senior government posts. It also details an alleged attack on a U.N. food distribution station by government forces, shelling of a “no-fire zone” intended as a refuge for Tamil civilians, and contends that the Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran’s 12-year-old son was executed. The 47-nation U.N. rights body in Geneva is expected to vote next week on the resolution that calls on Sri Lanka to investigate allegations of human rights abuses by both the government troops and Tamil Tiger rebels in the final months of the war in 2009, and implement the recommendations of its own reconciliation panel.A U.N panel of experts reported in 2011 that tens of thousands of people may have been killed in those months, largely through shell fire by the government troops. The Tigers were accused of using civilians as human shields and shooting those who tried to escape. read more


Afghan women applaud new UN antimeasles drive

Thousands of women in Kabul have eagerly welcomed a large-scale United Nations drive to immunize Afghan children against measles – a major, yet preventable, killer disease among the young, UN officials said today.”Mothers were very enthusiastic and committed to immunize their children,” said Fadela Chaib, a spokesperson for the UN World Health Organization (WHO), briefing reporters in Islamabad. “This was a great rush as the campaign posts opened for vaccination.” Measles is responsible for an estimated 40 per cent of all vaccine-preventable childhood deaths in Afghanistan, killing about 35,000 Afghan children each year. The $8 million effort, which is being organized by WHO and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), aims to vaccinate up to 9 million Afghan children.Starting on Tuesday in Kabul, where some 200 vaccination centres are operating at mosques and hospitals, the campaign will expand to the rest of the country in the coming three months. UNICEF spokesperson Chulho Hyun said harsh winter weather added urgency to the effort. “Children are very vulnerable to infection in cold weather,” Ms. Hyun noted. “Crowded conditions, such as the one seen in camps, also make children more vulnerable to infection.” The UNICEF spokesperson called the immunization drive “one of the best gifts we can give to the children of Afghanistan.” read more


UN agency makes contact with refugees stranded by flooding in Chad

Five representatives of the refugees, who are in 12 locations around the village of Bekam, travelled by canoe and on foot with local officials over the weekend to meet staff of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the village of Bedoumia, about 10 kilometres from Bekam. They also met with officials from CNAR – Chad’s national refugee authority – and the Chadian Red Cross.“This is the first time that we’ve have direct contact with this group of refugees since they crossed over to southern Chad from CAR three weeks ago,” said UNHCR spokesman Ron Redmond in Geneva.The refugees said they fled their villages in northern CAR because of deteriorating security, including attacks by unidentified armed groups and cattle breeders who want to graze animals on their fields, he added.“Relocation of the 2,000 refugees is going to be extremely difficult and may require the use of canoes because Bekam is now an island,” Mr. Redmond said, adding that only one 10-seat canoe is available in the village. “The transfer of the refugees is all the more urgent because they are currently dependent on the generosity of the local villagers in Bekam. Sanitation is also a concern there,” he said.Once transferred from Bekam to Bedoumia by boat, the refugees will be temporarily housed in the Amboko camp, which is already hosting 23,000 people from CAR and is close to its maximum capacity of 27,000.Because of the overcrowding at Amboko, the Chadian Government agreed to the construction of a new camp in the south and UNHCR has proposed a site at Bedamara, about 10 kilometres from Amboko. A UNHCR site planner will travel to Goré this week to begin layout preparations for the new site.There are presently 40,000 to 45,000 refugees from the CAR in southern Chad, UNHCR said. The majority arrived after fleeing a 2003 military coup. In June and July of this year, some 10,000 additional people arrived following clashes between Government forces and unidentified armed groups. read more


What was Zeus playing at A tour with a difference is hoping

first_img File photo of an exhibition in the National Gallery. File photo of an exhibition in the National Gallery. Source: Pimlico ProjectShe said the artworks that will feature in the tour were chosen because “some of them are strange, some are very beautiful, but most of the paintings we have chosen are about people in odd or ambiguous situations – our personal wheelhouse”.One question they will attempt to answer is indeed, ‘What did Zeus think he was playing at?’ Mac Dermott said Zeus, like Jupiter, “was an extremely terrible brother-husband and we hope to explore that”.“Fingers crossed we’re not too late and a very angry women’s co-operative can be started on Mount Olympus.”‘Marry the familiar with the strange’ Mac Dermott said the goal of combining art forms, such as classical art and comedy in this instance, is to engage people.  8,489 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article HAVE YOU EVER wondered what the subject of a famous artwork was thinking?What’s on the mind of Mona Lisa, the Girl with a Pearl Earring, or Zeus? If so, you might get an answer to one of those questions next week.An art tour with a difference is taking place at the National Gallery – a guide will lead a tour of some of the gallery’s most famous works, while a comedy duo adds their own take on in the art in question.Aoife-Marie Buckley has delivered many tours in the gallery, catering for school children, college students, and parents with babies to name a few groups. Next week’s tour will be the first she’s done with this kind of comedic element, however.“There are many types of tours – school tours, everything from montessori to college tours – a wide range. There are general tours and tours around a specific artist or exhibition.“There are also tours for visually-impaired groups and tours done in a low-sensory environment so people can enjoy a part of gallery that is closed off, with the lights dimmed,” Buckley explains.She said the artwork that gets the biggest reaction in the gallery is Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ – an imposing and striking painting that documents Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss.“Irish people love stories – people of all ages, especially school children, love stories. They love hearing the story of [the painting] – about it being rediscovered in Ireland (at a Jesuit community house in Dublin in 1990, having disappeared long before),” Buckley told TheJournal.ie.The gallery runs a number of initiatives that aim to encourage people who may not usually visit art galleries to attend. Renailssance, workshops and an exhibition combining art and nail art, has been very popular of late, for example.“There is something in the gallery for everyone – many types of paintings from a whole variety of countries and cultures and ages. I think there is something there for everyone there.“All of the things the education department offers, they do that because they want people to come in. It is the National Gallery of Ireland, it’s there for everyone,” Buckley said. Aoife-Marie Buckley giving a tour at the gallery. Source: National GalleryThe comedy tour is another attempt to appeal to a new audience and sees the gallery teaming up with Frayed – Dublin’s new free fringe festival, which is also aiming to make the arts more accessible.Buckley notes that while there have been dramatic reenactments of certain paintings in the gallery before, this is the first time there has been a comedic take.“I am looking forward to it a lot, seeing someone else’s interpretation of the artwork,” she said.During the tour, Buckley will share the history of some classic artworks, and improv/sketch duo Underthings will then give their own take. Denny Mac Dermott, one half of Underthings, said the tour will feature both well-known pieces and some hidden gems from the gallery.“We’ll obviously be looking at Woman Writing a Letter, with her Maid by Vermeer because it’s hard to ignore that kind of beauty – and then make silly comedy about it, but we’ll also be seeing slightly less feted pieces like Venus and Cupid by Tosini, a painting that is, quite frankly, strange. But absolutely perfect for this tour,” Mac Dermott told us. 2 Comments https://jrnl.ie/4796880 Share9 Tweet Email File photo of an exhibition in the National Gallery. Image: Pimlico Project Sep 7th 2019, 10:31 AM Image: Pimlico Project ‘What was Zeus playing at?’: A tour with a difference is hoping to get more people into art It’s part of a new arts festival taking place in Dublin next week. By Órla Ryan Combining different types of performance art is one of the goals of Frayed – Dublin’s free fringe festival, which the tour is part of.  Rick Doody, a co-founder of Frayed, said the festival was set up to highlight the quality of, and raise the profile of, performing arts in Dublin.Dublin has a great performance art scene and we wanted to expose that to more people, through free shows and access programmes with people who might not normally be engaged by art.He said the quality of the arts in Dublin is “excellent, but the audience for art could be bigger”.Free shows will be running as part of the festival across various venues in Dublin city from tomorrow until Thursday.Most of the events combine different types of performance, such as drama and comedy – something Doody said the festival’s organisers, a team of volunteers, is “really excited about”. Source: Underthings“To those on the outside, art can seem like something only for the initiated. Art intimidates many people. We think art should be challenging but also inviting,” he said.Doody told us that in order to give non-traditional audiences “a way into” the arts, the festival’s plan is to “marry the familiar with the strange”, adding: “We want Frayed to be a gateway into the arts for those who would normally be afraid to go to a live art show.”Another element of the festival involves outreach work such as stand-up comedy workshops with communities who may not normally get the chance to participate in such programmes.“We know that one way to get people more involved is through participation, doing something is a great way of getting to know and enjoy it. We’ve run stand-up comedy workshops with individuals who wouldn’t normally get access to that kind of training,” Doody explained.He said the festival is hoping to roll out a larger programme of workshops in the coming year “to give people access to a spectrum of different art forms”.More information can be read here.  For me art is about finding a new or illuminating way to look at life and using an alternate discipline as a lens to examine someone else’s art form (or your own) is an excellent way to achieve that. In our case if some gentle teasing of high culture actually engages people then that’s great; good art can defend itself. Short URL Saturday 7 Sep 2019, 10:30 AMlast_img read more


SpiderMans Spectacular Journey Away From and Back to Marvel

first_imgStay on target At last, Spider-Man: Homecoming, the character’s first starring role since Captain America: Civil War unleashed the newest cinematic Spider-Man on the willing public, has arrived. Even though the movie is a co-production with Sony, just from the trailers alone we know Spider-Man: Homecoming will be chock-full of references to the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe – a major departure for how the Spider-Man has been portrayed in live action since his inception. Despite creating the character in the pages of their comics, Marvel hasn’t had control over how Spider-Man appears in movies, until now.At the time of Spider-Man’s inception in the 1960s, superhero movies had never been successfully produced. After Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie hit theaters in the 1970s, Spider-Man was too expensive to faithfully bring to the screen. Marvel (the company) went through drastic changes in the 1980s and 1990s that saw them sell away the Spider-Man movie rights to companies that would ensnare Spidey in a lengthy legal battle. Sony Pictures was the first company to successfully put Spider-Man in theaters until creative differences triggered diminishing returns. It took five movies, one bad television pilot, and a hack of a major film studio to return Spider-Man to a (stabilized) Marvel in a deal that has finally given us Spider-Man: Homecoming. This is that story.The fantasy musicalThe first attempt to bring Spider-Man to screen could have ended up being a lot like Julie Taymor’s Spider-Man Broadway show Turn Off the Dark (but hopefully with fewer injuries). An ex-Columbia film executive and one of the producers of the Spider-Man animated Saturday morning cartoon, Steve Krantz, wanted to make a live-action fantasy musical movie featuring the web-slinger. Eventually, Stan Lee and Marvel — who wanted Spider-Man’s cinematic introduction to the world to be recognizable — were able to convince Krantz that he should at least try to make Spider-Man a superhero in New York City, and so the musical idea was scrapped.By 1976, the live action Spider-Man movie treatment that Krantz was trying to sell to a movie studio featured a college-aged Peter Parker who would battle a giant, 100-foot-tall robot and defeat a sinister Nazi plot. Aging up the character and the addition of Nazis were meant to telegraph that this “real” Spider-Man wasn’t going to be the gee-whiz version that appeared in the cartoons. Krantz’s movie would also feature the death of Gwen Stacy, as well as robot and Nazi action, just three years after Gwen had been killed in the comics. Audiences were spared from a movie where Nazis were partially responsible for Gwen Stacy’s death, because no studio or distributor wanted to put up the budget.The made-for-TV movieKrantz’s movie wasn’t fated to be the first Spider-Man film to hit theaters. That honor goes to The Amazing Spider-Man, a 1978 made-for-TV movie that served as the pilot for a CBS television series. The plot featured Spider-Man defeating a new age guru who was using a mind-control ray and threatening to force innocent civilians to commit suicide unless he received $10 million dollars in ransom (Google “the Moonies” to see where this fear came from).It was not very good. The Amazing Spider-Man starred Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker and was a lazily plotted live action series that made it’s title character more of a detective in a crazy costume. Spider-Man wouldn’t swing, and his wall-climbing was just a camera laid sideways on a green screen while an actor crawled around on all fours.The television show was produced by Charles Fries Productions while Fries himself worked for Screen Gems (under Columbia) as Vice President in Charge of Production. As a result, the theatrical release was more about corporate synergy than bringing a live action Spider-Man to screen, and suffered when compared to something with a motion-picture-sized budget like Superman: The Movie, which came out the same year. Stan Lee hated the CBS Spider-Man, telling SunStorm Magazine in a candid interview about the show, “The people doing the Spider-Man show keep writing one bad script after another, so we’re going to have to drop the show or go with bad scripts — I don’t know which is worse.”The Cold War Spider-ManRoger Corman, famous B-movie producer and mentor to many up-and-coming filmmakers including James Cameron (who will pop up later in our tale), was the next director to take a crack at making a Spider-Man movie. Corman hired Stan Lee to write the film treatment hoping to avoid some of the negative fan reaction the CBS series had received. However, Stan Lee of 1982 was not the same Stan Lee who created Spider-Man in 1962, and had started to craft his Spider-Man stories based on the current pop culture landscape. Perhaps driven power-mad by a successful campaign against the Comics Code Authority in the 1970s, Lee felt like he should use his heroes to tell stories of the time.The treatment Lee gave Corman aged Spider-Man up to be a college student, but otherwise told the comic’s origin story with the radioactive spider bite, Uncle Ben’s death, and mechanical web-shooters. Doctor Otto Octavius would become Doctor Octopus, and Spider-Man would have to stop Ock’s dastardly scheme to start a nuclear war with Russia. Peter would have a few love interests as well, including a screen version of Mary Jane that was actually a Russian KGB Agent. Stan Lee hadn’t veiled any of his Cold War commentary when coming up with a thrilling (if anachronistic, in retrospect) Spider-Man movie.Lee’s treatment and Corman’s no-nonsense dedication to feature film production on a budget ultimately killed the prospects of this live action, Cold War Spider-Man movie. Roger Corman wasn’t the sort of producer who had millions of dollars to spend on special effects, and the climax of Stan Lee’s Spider-Man movie took place on top of the World Trade Center towers in downtown New York City, with Spider-Man swinging, falling, and web-slinging around the buildings to avoid Doc Ock’s attacks. It would have been a grand sequence in 1982, even if some of the ham-fisted Russian subplots could have weighed it down (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace would run headlong into this trap five years later). It was just too expensive.The curse of the man-spiderEnter Cannon Films, the brainchild of Israeli cousins Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus. Cannon was trying to go mainstream in the 1980s by securing multi-picture distribution deals with bigger studios and buying up sequel rights to properties like the Charles Bronson revenge series Death Wish and Superman (they made The Quest for Peace). They hoped to do the same for Spider-Man and Captain America when they bought the rights for $225,000 plus profit-sharing. Cannon quickly took out ads in Variety to announce Spider-Man: The Movie directed by Tobe Hooper (director and producer of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre).The first sign that there was a problem with Cannon’s Spider-Man movie was that they had hired screenwriter Leslie Stevens (The Outer Limits) to write a draft of the movie where Spider-Man was a mutant created by a new mad scientist villain called Dr. Zork. Peter Parker would be a low-level assistant of Zork, whose sole purpose in life was creating mutants. Parker accidentally gets turned into Spider-Man and has to fight Zork’s mutants. Another Cannon pass had Peter turning into an eight-legged spider creature, alerting Marvel to the reality that Cannon Films thought “Spider-Man” was just a hyphenated, arachnid based wolfman. Golan had no idea what made Spider-Man a successful character and doomed himself to fail spectacularly because of it.Stan Lee was pissed at Cannon making Spider-Man into a lesser Swamp Thing, and saw Spider-Man slipping out of his control. The relationship between Lee and Marvel had been a bit strained, because development Marvel movies out west seemed to be cursed. Lee contributed another treatment to Cannon as a way of getting them back on track, and by the end of 1985, a new script written by Ted Newsom and John Brancato had been produced with Doctor Octopus as the villain. Tobe Hooper was off the project.Golan brought on Joseph Zito (director of Cannon’s Missing in Action) to develop the new script script. Zito was eyeing stuntman Scott Leva for the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, as Leva had already been making public appearances as Spider-Man to promote the comics. The director also hired storyboard artists and began to do special effects tests on Spider-Man and Doc Ock’s tentacles. For a company that was renowned for being stingy, the budget of an entire film was invested in developing Spider-Man. Cannon is estimated to have spent $1.5 million dollars before the company ran into major financial problems in 1986.Spider-broIn May of 1990 at the Cannes Film Festival, Golan met with Carolco Pictures, an independent studio that had managed to make the jump into the big-leagues with the Rambo series. Carolco pitched Golan on their desire to make a $50 million Spider-Man movie and offered to buy the motion picture rights for $5 million. The only term of Golan’s deal was that he receive a producer credit on any Spider-Man films Carolco made, and the company agreed.After producing Terminator 2: Judgement Day for the director, Carolco thought James Cameron would be the best choice to write and direct their Spider-Man movie. Cameron was excited to tackle the technical challenge of bringing Spider-Man to screen (with a substantial budget). Carolco modified the contract they had given Cameron for Terminator 2, basically just replacing Judgment Day’s title with “Spider-Man,” and brought the writer-director on board for $3 million. This would end up being the near-fatal mistake that would keep Spider-Man off the screen for a decade.If James Cameron understood the Spider-Man character, we’ll never know. Cameron wrote a “scriptment” for the movie that featured Sandman and Electro as the villains, although the characters had different names than their comic book counterparts (Sandman is “Boyd” rather than Flint Marko, and Electro is “Carlton Strand” rather than Maxwell Dillon). The story shows Peter getting bitten by the radioactive spider, but it was Cameron who would contribute the ideas of organic web shooters to the film portrayal of Spider-Man in a now Spider-infamous scene where Peter wakes up to find he webbed his sheets to himself, like some arachnid wet dream. Cameron’s Spider-Man probably would have been rated R for adult content and violence. There’s a scene where Spider-Man webs Mary Jane to the Brooklyn Bridge and “seduces” her with facts about spider mating habits before they have sex while Peter is still in his costume. Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s dialogue makes it clear that she can break free of the web-bondage any time, but goes through the whole ordeal without opening her eyes, apparently.Later, during the climax of Cameron’s scriptment, Strand tortures Mary Jane by shocking her to death, then back to life. Peter loses it, screaming: “I’ll kill you! Motherfucker! You hear me?! You’re dead, you sick bastard!” Earlier in the film he threatens some petty criminals with death by disembowelment. Maybe the original Cameron scriptment was based on the general attitude of the comic book industry in the early ’90s, but someone soon recognized the first Spider-Man movie should be more faithful to the source material. By the end of 1993, trades reported another script had been submitted, this one with Doctor Octopus as the villain, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was thought to be in prime position to snag the part. For Spider-Man, rumors swirled around young Leonardo DiCaprio (who would instead work with Cameron on Titanic) and Edward Furlong, who had just played John Connor in Terminator 2.The legal yearsGrit your teeth for some coarse webbing, the Spider-Man legal hole of the mid-1990s is a deep one. Without the knowledge of Carolco, Menahem Golan split the Spider-Man rights into different pieces. He sold the television rights to Viacom and the home video rights to Columbia TriStar before making the Carolco movie deal. Golan also took the Spider-Man rights with him from Cannon to 21st Century Films and Pathe Communications, who bought Cannon and thought that Spider-Man should have come with the company. Pathe went on to acquire MGM while acquiring movie studios and their intellectual properties.By the summer of 1994, James Cameron’s Spider-Man movie was effectively murdered, as the property became ensnared in various lawsuits. Golan suing Carolco was followed by Carolco suing Columbia TriStar and Viacom to try and nullify their TV and home video rights. Both Columbia TriStar and Viacom countersued Carolco, then sued 21st Century Films (Golan) to void the other Spider-Man contracts, and they also sued Marvel for the Spider-Man rights overall. MGM, who had been bought by Pathe at this point, thought it should have inherited the Spider-Man rights from purchasing Cannon, so they sued everyone (Golan, Globus, 21st Century Films, Columbia TriStar, Viacom, and Marvel) for fraud. 20th Century Fox even entered the fold, suing Carolco because the contract they had made with James Cameron before True Lies gave them exclusive rights to his next movie, which Carolco claimed would be Spider-Man. This led Cameron to back out of Spider-Man like that GIF of Homer Simpson disappearing backwards into the hedge.As litigation flew, Spider-Man spun a web in development hell. By the mid 1990s, the various court proceedings became even more complicated as Carolco, 21st Century Films, and Marvel all went bankrupt.Enter AviIt took another strong business personality to finally force Spider-Man onscreen, and his name was Avi Arad. Arad’s main goal was to show Hollywood the potential of the Marvel stable of heroes by succeeding where everyone in Marvel had already failed: getting movies and television made. Arad’s loyalty to the source material was fleeting as his dedication to getting characters adapted would eventually lead to creative differences with other powers behind Spider-Man.After being appointed to Marvel Films in the early ’90s, Arad wasted no time, capitalizing on the hit Fox animated series based on the X-Men as a step towards selling 20th Century Fox on the idea of an X-Men live action movie. Arad would continue to represent Marvel’s interest in making superhero movies through Marvel Studios when the Toy Biz takeover was complete in the middle of the decade. After Marvel’s bankruptcy was resolved, one of the first things to do was extract Spider-Man from legal entanglement. Thanks in large part to a summary judgement dismissing most of MGM’s claims, Marvel was free to sell the Spider-Man motion picture rights once again. They quickly went to Sony (parent company of Columbia TriStar) for around $10 million dollars.Sony and Arad looked at several directors to bring Spider-Man to screen before settling on Sam Raimi. M. Night Shyamalan was apparently an early choice, as was Chris Columbus, who would go on to shoot Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone instead (probably a good call). David Fincher was the forerunner in 1999, but the studio passed on what he wanted his Spider-Man movie to be: the death of Gwen Stacy. Fincher’s film would have started with a 10-minute musical montage segment that would have told the origin story of Spider-Man, as well as a failed romance with Mary Jane Watson, before starting with Peter meeting the doomed Gwen Stacy. Sony eventually settled on Sam Raimi, who would go on to direct Spidey’s triumphant return to the screens after over two decades of being mired in Hollywood weirdness.The record-breaking years2002’s Spider-Man by Sam Raimi cast Tobey Maguire in the role of Peter Parker and used the classic Stan Lee-inspired origin for the character. Peter was a high school student with a crush on Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane Watson, and friends with Harry Osborn (James Franco), whose father, Norman Osborn, (Willem DaFoe) became the villainous Green Goblin. Raimi kept the concept of organic web-shooters from the James Cameron draft, but otherwise portrayed Peter/Spider-Man as an innocent, wise-cracking teenager. Spider-Man was a massive hit for Sony, making over $400,000,000 domestically (the second-highest grossing film at the time, behind Titanic) and triggering a sequel option on Raimi.Writing duo Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Shanghai Noon) and David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Spider-Man) were brought in to write a version of Spider-Man 2 where Spidey would face off against The Lizard, Doc Ock, and Harry as the new Green Goblin, as well as introduce The Black Cat as a female anti-hero. Novelist Michael Chabon wrote a draft that cut the villains down to just Doc Ock, but his Otto was the same age as Peter and ended up in a love triangle with Mary Jane. At the end of Chabon’s draft, Ock needs Spider-Man’s spine to survive, so he and Harry Osborn team up to put a $10 million bounty on Spider-Man’s head, turning New York against him. That spine-tingling plot point and the sudden change in the character of New York City (a city that leaps to Spider-Man’s defense in almost every Sony Spider movie) did not fly with Avi Arad, who was producing all the Marvel Studios films. Arad killed the Chabon draft. Alvin Sargent (Paper Moon, Anywhere But Here) swooped in to adapt the Chabon story into the final draft that became the Spider-Man 2 we know today.Arad’s instincts about what a Spider-Man movie should be about paid off with Spider-Man 2, but backfired on Spider-Man 3. After letting Raimi have his way for two movies, Arad stepped in to exert more creative control. Avi Arad left Marvel in 2006, while Spider-Man 3 was being developed, under circumstances that remain mysterious to this day. At the time, Marvel had just made a deal with Paramount to distribute Marvel Studios movies, and Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk were both in pre-production. Arad sold off his Marvel stock and started his own film production company that would continue to produce the superhero movies he had made his business. Reports at the time suggested that Arad had been softly encouraged to leave by Perlmutter and basically shoved out of the official Marvel film production schedule. Kevin Feige, who worked under Arad, stepped up to head Marvel Studios.Sam Raimi felt that the Spider-Man saga was building a rogues gallery of humanized villains and wanted the third Spider-Man to deliver on those themes with Harry Osborn considering (but ultimately rejecting) becoming the new Green Goblin, the introduction of a tragic Sandman in Flint Marko (who would be revealed as Uncle Ben’s real killer), and The Vulture, an aging Spider-Man villain who could represent some sort of mortality. Instead, Arad insisted that Raimi use the popular Spider-Man anti-hero from the 1990s, Venom, as a main villain in the film. Not only that, but the rest of the movie should be based on the Venom saga from the comics, where the alien symbiote first spends some time as Spidey’s new, black costume. That decision ended up over-crowding 2007’s Spider-Man 3, and destabilized Sam Raimi’s hold on the franchise. Even though the movie still made a lot of money, it wasn’t well-received by fans.Spider-Man 4 started moving forward slowly based on the box office performance of the preceding  trilogy. The fourth installment was aiming a summer 2011 release date. Sam Raimi seemed to be the main creative involved who had heard complaints from the audience that Spider-Man 3 wasn’t good, and dug in his heels when it came to plotting the sequel. Talking to Empire Magazine in 2009, Raimi claimed that he knew what made the last Spider-Man movie worse than the other two. “They really gave me a tremendous amount of control on the first two films, actually,” he said, “but then there were different opinions on the third film and I didn’t really have creative control, so to speak.” Avi Arad and the studio wanted to include The Lizard as a villain in Spider-Man 4, while Raimi wanted to use the Vulture. Raimi went on developing his Vulture idea, casting John Malkovich as Adrian Toomes and Anne Hathaway as a new villain, The Vultress, who was supposed to take over for an aging Toomes. Avi Arad and Sony, meanwhile, quietly hired James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) to write a Spider-Man movie where Peter fought the Lizard.Amazing untold storiesIn January 2010, Sony sent out a press release announcing that Raimi and Maguire were no longer making Spider-Man 4, and Avi Arad was going to find a new director and star, using the Vanderbilt draft as the basis for a reboot for summer 2012. According to interviews with Avi Arad after the release of The Amazing Spider-Man, he had talked about exploring the idea of Peter’s missing parents as far back as Spider-Man 2. Instead, Raimi decided at the time to loosely base the sequel on the Spider-Man No More! comic arc and the questions about Peter’s parents got moved to the reboot.For The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony hired director Marc Webb, who had just directed his feature film debut (500) Days of Summer, and Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. Webb ended up being more of a visualist on the relaunched Spider-Man series, with deleted scenes from both his Spider-Man installments serving as evidence that the movie Webb shot in production ended up being very different by the time the film hit theaters. The first posters for The Amazing Spider-Man promised to tell an “untold story” that the released version doesn’t contain. Rhys Ifans was cast as Curt Connors/The Lizard in the movie, and had a wife and child cast as well, even though those characters never appear in the film. Irrfan Khan played a character named Dr. Rajit Ratha who simply disappears with no explanation in final cut. A deleted scene shows Ratha telling Peter Parker that his father’s research was integral in his transformation into Spider-Man. Before Ratha can explain further, Connors (as the Lizard) kills him.The Amazing Spider-Man didn’t do great at the box office, but still managed to scrape together over $750 million worldwide simply by being a movie featuring Spider-Man. Its fatal mistake, it seems, was being released in 2012, the same year as Marvel’s The Avengers came out. Marvel found great success with the culmination of a series of movies that did not involve the creative input of Avi Arad. In turn, Sony decided their best bet for a superhero team-up franchise was their Marvel property: Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was put into production as a means of Sony spinning off the sequel into several different movies linked together in the Spider-Man cinematic universe.Unlike Amazing Spider-Man where Marc Webb’s “untold story” plot got excised from the film in post production, Amazing Spider-Man 2 suffered from having a moving goal line as the film was in production. To begin, the sequel awkwardly tried to reuse the cut plot from Amazing Spider-Man about Peter’s parents being part of the team that developed the genetically altered Spider. Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield were both eager to explore the Death of Gwen Stacy storyline with Emma Stone’s character, which suggested the Green Goblin should be the main villain. Instead, Dane DeHaan was cast as Harry Osborn, Peter’s longtime friend who was conveniently in boarding school for the first film. Harry becomes The Green Goblin after his father Norman (Chris Cooper) dies. The Goblin teams up with Electro (Jamie Foxx channeling Jim Carrey’s Edward Nygma) to fight Spider-Man. The movie also included Paul Giamatti as a film version of Spider-Man’s comic villain The Rhino.Amazing Spider-Man 2 ended up being unable to balance the Gwen Stacy plot, the Parker parent plot, and the introduction of three different villains. Although it made over $700 million worldwide, it fell short of every expectation Sony had for the character, Marc Webb’s direction, and Avi Arad’s plans for a future series. When Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released in May 2014, Arad and Sony had Amazing Spider-Man 3, a Venom spin-off movie, and a Sinister Six film all beginning pre-production so they could launch a series of movies as fast as possible. When Amazing Spider-Man 2 underperformed, the entire cinematic universe plan collapsed on itself.Hack to Civil WarLater that year, Sony tried to release a little movie called The Interview and fell victim to a large scale email hack that posted thousands and thousands of internal Sony messages online. Among those emails were a few from late October 2014 where Sony Pictures executives discussed a possible partnership where Marvel Studios would produce a trilogy of Spider-Man movies that Sony would distribute and retain “creative control” over. The hacked emails also revealed that Marvel had shown interest in using Spider-Man in Captain America 3 (now Civil War), which they were planning to shoot in early 2015.For their part, Sony and Arad insisted that they still wanted to move forward with the Venom and Sinister Six movies and were planning to have a “Spidey Summit” in January of 2015 to discuss the way forward with the character. It’s unclear if that Summit ever happened.In early February of 2015, Marvel and Sony announced that they would share the Spider-Man character, allowing Spidey to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The announcement said Spider-Man would appear in “a future Marvel movie” (Captain America: Civil War) and that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios would co-produce a solo Spider-Man film with Amy Pascal for Sony. Absent from this announcement was Avi Arad, who had been Feige’s boss until 2006 and a producer on the Spider-Man, X-Men, and Blade series of films. In 2015, Arad’s control of the Spider-Man property ended.When Captain America: Civil War started shooting their big airport battle sequence in June 2015, the Spider-Man costume had been decided upon but Peter Parker had not been officially announced. Instead, production looked for a stuntman around 5’2″, knowing that this version of Spider-Man was still going to be a teenager. While that sequence was still being shot in Atlanta, Marvel and Sony announced that English actor Tom Holland would be playing Peter/Spider-Man, and Jon Watts (Cop Car) would be directing the 2017 solo outing for Sony (which would also be in the canonical Marvel Cinematic Universe). Holland would film his scenes as Spider-Man in a motion-capture suit and the costume the short stuntman was wearing for the Russo Brothers on Civil War would become one of a few characters to be completely digitally re-created after principle photography: most of Spider-Man as we saw him on screen wasn’t “real” at all.HomecomingThe Spider-Man and Peter Parker scenes ended up being stand-out hits in the overstuffed Civil War, and the movie surprise-introduced Marisa Tomei as Peter’s Aunt May. The chemistry between Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland lead to an early announcement that Tony Stark would be making an appearance in the upcoming Sony/Marvel solo movie.Spring 2016, Sony announced that their shared Spidey movie would be called Spider-Man: Homecoming, both as a play on the character returning to Marvel and to reinforce that this Spider-Man will be a teenager with teenaged problems. After a little bit of San Diego Comic-Con hype, the first two trailers premiered Thursday December 8th.Laura Harrier was cast as love interest Liz Allen, the first Spider-Man crush triangle in the comics was between Peter, Liz, and Flash Thompson. Jacob Batalon will play a new version of Ned Leeds who is a friend of Peter’s and knows his secret identity. The villains of the piece look to be Michael Keaton’s Vulture, Bokeem Woodbine’s Shocker, Logan Marshall-Green’s Shocker, Michael Chemus’ Tinkerer, and Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis (aka Miles Morales’s uncle).Most excitingly, Spider-Man: Homecoming has some distinctly Marvel Studios touches despite it being a co-production with Sony. Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal might be sharing executive producer duties, but the Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner is included in a line of photos of famous scientists in one of Peter’s classrooms in the trailer. Sharp-eyed fans also can spot a school mural that includes the John Slattery version of Howard Stark. Not to mention that a significant chunk of the first trailers featured Robert Downey Jr and references to the Avengers. The plan was to make more of these movies starring Holland, and if the early looks at Homecoming are any indication, the entries will fold in with the ongoing MCU run by Disney.After many attempts by many well-meaning directors, business-minded studios, and two strong-willed Israeli godfathers, Spider-Man is finally under the same corporate umbrella as the company that created him and the people who know the most about the character. That’s why, for the first time ever, we’ll have a Spider-Man with a Silver Age inspired costume — including web wings! — and with Peter Parker portrayed as a real teenager. Both Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming skip the spider-bite origin and are confident steps in bringing the often orphaned Spider-Man back to the stable of Marvel heroes. And as for the future of MCU Spidey (who apparently made his secret true debut back in Iron Man 2), the 2019 Homecoming sequel is already planning to use Spider-Man to guide the audience through the all-new, all-different, post Infinity War, MCU Phase 4.Since debuting in the 1960s, the Spider-Man property has been viewed as an undeniable source of income if a creative team can crack the code. For a few decades, the risk and expense of translating Spider-Man from the page to the screen made the possibility of a live action Spider-Man movie impossible. When filmmaking techniques evolved, Marvel’s rapid expansion as a business and the burst of the comic book collector bubble in the mid-1990s kept Spider-Man from James Cameron. When he was excised and sold to Sony in 2002, Spider-Man became the hit his fans knew he could be before the spirit of Spidey was poisoned by excess profits and Avengers envy. Now, Peter Parker is about to embark on a whole new series of movies under the parentage of Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige and Sony’s Amy Pascal, and this time he acts a lot like he did in the 1960s comics.As Uncle Ben says (in the real versions), “with great power comes great responsibility.” The Spider-Man movie property is power, but we’ve been woefully short on responsibility thus far. Let’s hope we’re on the upswing. Check out Spider-Man: Homecoming July 7.Thwip! Jake Gyllenhaal Avoids Questions About Mysterio in Sinister SixSony Pictures CEO Says ‘Door Is Closed’ for Now on Spider-Man Split Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. UNDEROOS!<><>last_img read more


Noble West Ham must bounce back against Brighton

first_imgAhead of their clash with Brighton on Wednesday, West Ham captain Mark Noble has urged the team to put last weekend’s 2-0 defeat at Burnley behind them.The Hammers were enjoying a run of five wins in six Premier League games before their trip to Burnley on Sunday.Chris Wood and Dwight McNeil were both on target for Burnley as the home side ran out 2-0 winners and Manuel Pellegrini’s side lost their second game in three matches.West Ham will host Brighton on Wednesday night and Noble believes they have the quality to get back to winning ways.“We were disappointed because we had a chance to go into the seventh position and going into the New Year in that position, would have been really good after getting no points from the first four games,” he told the club’s official website.“Even where we are now, we’re disappointed because we know we can play a lot better than that, but the traveling just caught up with us a little bit.“It’s football. I’ve said in the past that we will get beat. We lost against Watford and we bounced back and showed our quality. We know we can do that again.declan rice, england, West ham UnitedReport: England’s Rice gets death threats George Patchias – September 9, 2019 England International Declan Rice has received death threats.Rice a one time Ireland International, switched allegiances only this year. The West Ham United man played for…“You’ve got to put defeats to bed in this league because, if you dwell on it, you can get beat again. We’ve got a good bunch of lads, so we look forward to going again against Brighton on Wednesday.“If I’m honest, I thought Burnley thoroughly deserved the three points. They played with a lot of intensity and we struggled to get going.“We were much better in the second half, but it’s the Premier League and if you don’t match the other team then you’re likely to get beat, so I thought they deserved their win.“I think it was one game too many. We’ve had two away games and didn’t get home until 2.30am after beating Southampton and then came straight up here on Saturday, so I think a bit of tiredness kicked in.“We’ve had a fantastic run of games, so we can’t complain. Sometimes you have to give credit where it’s due and Burnley deserved the three points.”last_img read more


Driver in sixvehicle accident identified

first_imgPolice identified the driver of the vehicle that allegedly caused a six-car pileup on Mill Plain Boulevard in east Vancouver during Wednesday’s evening commute.Frank Wayne Harrold, age and hometown unavailable, was driving a black Dodge Durango that rear-ended a car stopped on Mill Plain at Southeast 126th Avenue, according to the Vancouver Police Department. The crash was reported at 5:25 p.m. Jon Hurtley was injured in the crash and transported to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. He was released from the hospital later on Wednesday. Police diverted traffic around the crash site, causing a significant traffic backup. Investigators with the traffic unit remained on scene for several hours trying to piece together what happened. The investigation is ongoing.last_img read more


Honda E electric hatch will feature standard camera side mirrors

first_img Electric Cars Hatchbacks Auto Tech More about 2019 Honda Civic Honda’s adorable E Prototype looks ready to hit the road Preview • 2019 Honda Civic: Model overview, pricing, tech and specs More From Roadshow 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous 1:54 35 Photos Honda E Prototype is a too-cute EV for Europe Now playing: Watch this: 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything bettercenter_img Share your voice 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value Tags Comment Honda The United States’ complicated regulatory structure means that many late-breaking vehicle technologies are verboten on our shores, and that includes side mirror cameras. To that end, the Honda E electric hatchback just became forbidden fruit twice over.Honda announced on Tuesday that its upcoming Honda E EV will have standard side-view cameras in place of traditional mirrors. Instead of reflecting the car’s side view into the cabin like mirrors do, these cameras will beam images to a pair of six-inch screens inside the vehicle, positioned at either end of the dashboard.In addition to looking slick and lowering wind noise, the cameras provide a boon to the vehicle’s overall efficiency. Honda claims the cameras reduce aerodynamic drag some 90% versus traditional side mirrors, which translates to a 3.8% aero improvement for the whole vehicle. This means the car won’t have to push through the air as hard as it would otherwise, improving its electric range, if only by a bit. But in a car this small, which is likely to have a smaller battery, every mile counts.Enlarge ImageEven though the housings are tiny, there’s still enough space for a blinker in there alongside the camera itself. Honda Anyone who has tried to use a backup camera in the rain knows that these lenses aren’t exactly impervious to being obscured, but Honda thinks it has a way around that. The overall construction of the camera housing allegedly mitigates rain on the lens, and whatever water does land there should wick off, thanks to a hydrophobic coating on the lens. Honda’s side mirrors can confer some additional benefits that mirrors can’t, too. In the vehicle settings menu, drivers can select one of two views for the interior screens: a traditional view and a wider-angle view for improved visibility. When putting the car in Reverse, guide lines appear on each side-view screen to help people navigate around tricky curbs. Honda is not the first automaker to make this move. Perhaps the most popular example of using side-view cameras is the Audi E-Tron, which are optional as opposed to standard, but that doesn’t matter to Americans because they can’t be legally equipped here. Lexus has an optional set of camera mirrors for the redesigned ES sedan in other markets, as well. Audi’s lobbying Congress to get the rules changed, but it’s not likely on Congress’ list of high priorities. Review • 2019 Honda Civic review: A complete package 1 Hondalast_img read more


Locals struggle to walk on muddy road in Nizamabad

first_imgSadashivnagar (Nizamabad): The inner roads of Venkatapur gram panchayat of Yellareddy mandal have become worst that it has become a major problem for the villagers. In order to vent their anger, the members of Jai Hanuman Youth Club staged a novel protest by planting paddy saplings on the roads filled with mud, here on Friday.The Youth Club members alleged that there was no use though they have explained the situation to the officials several times in the past. It is more problem for the women, children and the elderly as they have to struggle to walk on the muddy slippery roads. They demanded that that government should convert the internal roads as cement roads. Members of Jai Hanuman Youth Club participated in the protest.last_img read more


Crusader Against Cancer

first_imgAs far back as Ancient Egypt, cancer has frustrated medical practice. Papyri written around 1600 BC describe various cases, with one concluding that “there is no treatment.”Jacqueline Barrientos, MDBut there’s hope for patients diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)—a cancer that attacks the blood and bone marrow—thanks to Jacqueline Barrientos, MD, who isn’t intimidated by the history surrounding the disease.She’s too busy helping to rewrite it.Barrientos is part of a team researching new CLL therapies at the North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute’s CLL Research and Treatment Center on Long Island. In clinical trials, the pioneering drug treatments produced unprecedented results—considerably better than those achieved with chemotherapy, and minus the brutal side effects.“We’ve never seen response rates like this before,” says Barrientos. “It’s astonishing.” When the FDA approved the use of the new treatments last year, she and her team were elated. “We’re giving life to patients who once had no hope of surviving because the cancer was so aggressive.”For Barrientos, the CLL therapy is the zenith of a long journey. “I always wanted to treat cancer,” she says.Her passion for the work is personal: when she was 6 years old, her mother was diagnosed with refractory lymphoma, a form of cancer that is resistant to treatment.“We didn’t have good cancer doctors in Peru,” explains Barrientos, who was born in that country’s Chincha Province. Her father, a general practitioner and surgeon, took her mother to Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center seeking more advanced therapies, which also were unsuccessful. “She didn’t respond, ever. She suffered a lot.”Although she couldn’t know it at the time, her mother’s illness set Barrientos on the path she travels today. “I felt we needed to find better ways to treat the disease. We treat infections with antibiotics…why couldn’t we do the same with cancer?”As an undergraduate in Puerto Rico, she traveled to the University of Virginia (UVA) to participate in what would eventually become the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Minority Medical Education Program (MMEP), and later the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP).At UVA, she was introduced to like-minded people, including doctors who had once participated in the program.“They talked about their experiences and how they made it, and I thought, ‘I hope that will be me one day,’” she says.SMDEP has empowered students like Barrientos—from underrepresented populations, with few resources or little community support—to realize their dreams in health and health care. It focuses on students in the first two years of their college education, when they derive the most benefit. The free, six-week academic enrichment program has created a pathway for more than 22,000 participants, opening the doors to life-changing opportunities.“Life-changing” is what Barrientos and her work have been to the patients she treats. To those patients, she and her colleagues are saviors.“You have given us hope where there wasn’t any,” wrote one. “I thank you, my children thank you, and my eight grandchildren thank you.” SMDEP is currently accepting applications for its 2015 cohort; the application period closes March 1. To learn more about the program or to apply, visit http://smdep.org/apply-to-smdep/.last_img read more


Ridiculous peripheral turns PlayStation TV back into a portable

first_imgLike the PSP, despite its lackluster launch and post-launch phase, the PlayStation Vita actually turned into a nice handheld — superb hardware and a decent library of quality games. At some point, Sony noticed the cheap set-top media box craze — Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Nexus Player, Fire TV and so on — and decided to get in on the game with the PS Vita TV, eventually renamed to the PlayStation TV.The PS TV is a PS Vita acting as a living room console — no display or controller buttons, and tethered to your entertainment unit. Now, for some reason, peripheral company Game Tech has created the DEKAVita7, which puts the PlayStation TV into a Vita-like shell, making it a portable once again.Sony likely realized that both the PS2 and PS3 ended up being as much of a media hub as a game console, but obviously, a $399 PS4 without the ability to stream or play external media meant Sony didn’t have a competitor in the media hub space. That’s where the PlayStation TV comes in — it’s a good device. If you’re going to buy a set-top media box, it might as well have the ability to play games too, right? This peripheral, though, defeats the purpose of the PS TV.The IPS LCD display measures in at seven inches and sports a resolution of 1024 x 600, whereas the Vita has a five-inch display at a resolution of 960 x 544. The larger size is about the only major difference, aside from having to unplug your PS TV and slide it into the back of the peripheral. It’s priced at $199, the same price as a standard PS Vita.So, the PS TV is a portable system turned non-portable, and the DEKAVita7 turns that non-portable back into a portable. Kind of reminds you of that time Nintendo took the original bulky Nintendo DS, made it smaller and thinner with the DS Lite, but then made it big again with the XL.last_img read more


Here is what is new in Firefox 6501

first_imgHere is what is new in Firefox 65.0.1 by Martin Brinkmann on February 13, 2019 in Firefox – 3 commentsMozilla released Firefox 65.0.1 to the browser’s stable channel yesterday. The new release is a bug fix and security release and as such a recommended update for all stable users.It is usually the case that Mozilla releases a smaller update after every major Firefox update (major in regards to the version increase) to address bugs and other issues.Firefox 65.0.1 is such a release but it is also a security release which is not that common. Firefox users should get the update offered to them automatically when they run the browser and have not disabled automatic updates in Firefox using Enterprise policies.Those who don’t want to wait until it is there turn can select Menu > Help > About Firefox to download and install the new update right away. Firefox 65.0.1 is available as an offline installer as well.Firefox 65.0.1 follows Firefox 65.0, a release that had to be halted on Windows for some time to address a compatibility issue with certain antivirus programs.Firefox 65.0.1The official release notes list the following fixes:Improved playback of interactive Netflix content.Fixed an issue that caused delays when making WebRTC calls.Fixed problems with sizing video when making WebRTC calls.Addressed an issue where add-on recommendations would make a call to Mozilla’s AMO website before the user hit the install button.Fixed an issue that prevented the Enter-key from working on certain password entry fields on Linux.Fixed a color management issue on Mac OS X devices.Addressed a looping CONNECT requests issue with WebSockets over HTTP/2 from behind a proxy server.The new version of Firefox addresses several security issues next to that. You find the list of security issues fixed in the Firefox 65.0.1 release here.The page lists three security issues that have all been rated with a severity of high, the second highest severity rating after critical.Firefox for Android is also updated to incorporate the security fixes and the CONNECT bug fix. SummaryArticle NameHere is what is new in Firefox 65.0.1DescriptionMozilla released Firefox 65.0.1 to the browser’s stable channel yesterday; it is a bug fix and security release for Firefox.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more


President Alvarado visits Germany meets with Chancellor Angela Merkel

first_img Facebook Comments Merkel and Alvarado discussed immigration, with the Costa Rican president calling for “international attention” to ensure democracy and freedom in Nicaragua and Venezuela.The President also spoke at re:publica, a conference on internet and society. Alvarado highlighted the necessity for clean energy as part of the digital age.“Why not see climate change, digitalization and social inequality as interconnected realities to generate real change?” Alvarado said. Carlos Alvarado and a delegation from Costa Rica are in Germany this week. Via Twitter. President Carlos Alvarado is in Germany this week, where his agenda includes strengthening international relations between Costa Rica and the European nation.“We begin our official visit to Germany, which focuses on issues of employability, dual education and training of human talent,” Alvarado said Sunday. “We will work on the positioning of Costa Rica to attract foreign investment.” According to the President, the delegation presented before Germany’s Chamber of Commerce and promoted Costa Rica as a country “based on solid institutions, stability, democracy, respect for human rights and sustainability.”Alvarado met with the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, after which the two leaders reaffirmed their commitment to work on issues of employability, sustainable development and economic growth.“The times we live in are complex, but we share the same values,” Alvarado said. “We are here to reaffirm the strategic alliance between Germany and Europe, and Costa Rica, Latin America and the Caribbean.“Together, we can come out ahead.”Declaraciones del encuentro con la canciller de Alemania, Angela Merkel. Reafirmamos nuestro compromiso por trabajar temas de empleabilidad, desarrollo sostenible y crecimiento económico. pic.twitter.com/0L882n0vmf— Carlos Alvarado Quesada (@CarlosAlvQ) May 27, 2019center_img Related posts:U.S. Ambassador Haney to continue in his post Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu cites Costa Rica as an example of a peaceful nation How Costa Rica is affected by US aid PHOTO: Carlos Alvarado and Emmanuel Macronlast_img read more


All of these peop

" All of these people spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the discussions. “But the issue is that they are supposed to have declared before being sworn in as governors, “They were also able to perform the task at hand quickly and accurately. bank spokeswoman Mary Eshet said.The scheduled vote Tuesday to confirm billionaire philanthropist Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary comes after one of the most acrimonious public standoffs in recent memory.

ISIS extremists have made its citizens a target of their hostility." said Buffalo. He never raised a hand to you in the video; so clearly he’s not someone whose go-to solution is violence.” Cease-fire talks regarding the conflict will be held in Kazakhstan starting May 3, It’s also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones,上海贵族宝贝Hattie, So are you saying, they detected a handful of spots where the genomes of spring and fall fish differed. The tribunal also made it clear that if there is any non-compliance of the order, Decision taken to help the peace loving Muslims observe Ramzan in a peaceful environment.” Callahan said to cheers in agreement.

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” the letter began. The findings were never published,” Breastfeeding moms have voiced similar outrage at social networks like Facebook and Instagram,A Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola after treating a patient with the disease asked that a video taken from inside her Texas hospital isolation unit be shared publicly. rash, shut down all of the mechanisms whereby they can disperse money because they go after disaffected individuals from all over the place, complete with earbuds in,上海夜网Kershwyn, But the Kindle app is always front and center on my screen.com. with whom he has a child.

but the more recent headlines have been made by militant groups identifying with the marginalized Moro Muslim minority. He credited Sena for the farm loan waiver announced by the BJP-led state government last year."He was staring down at his phone without regard to anyone else on the road, "This is really ran by them.30 am and mediapersons were barged with multiple reminders. The "players" hail from Minnesota shelters, to 39 people working as independent contractors.rhodan@time. Sean announces that a lot of people still see Nick as "a giant tool bag. SUSPENSION FROM OFFICE 1.

Frito-Lay maintains the partnership is purely to fight bullying,上海千花网Laine, For the first time in @Olympics history the two Korean teams will unite to compete as one team in a sport. Molmen is also a member of the American Hospital Association Board of Trustees. we have neglected this set of older persons in our society and I think it is high time we start to do something about it and I am very delighted that you have taken it up. the scientists said. I don’t blame him. When the family relocated from Maryland to Nebraska, we expose it to air, A fight broke out and one of the people involved shot at another. The Australian actor.

John Baird, they said. “It has put a lot of stress on children. those who smoke will be likely to switch to potentially less harmful products before eventually being able to kick the habit completely. calling the NCAA decision “absurd” and characterizing its decision as “political peacocking. read more


a much more severe

a much more severe sentence than guidelines call for.

Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. building islands bristling with military hardware atop what were once mostly underwater reefs.900). The notion that every family must have a “head” is a patriarchal one, (More information on the Bureau’s actions during this time is available on Anderson’s website. providing commentary on events in news, open-mindedness,"We know we got good data from our video cameras, and results of the study potentially could be used to help plot out tweaks in traffic flow or future interchanges along the busy highway. but also a sign of how.

was asked if he intends to visit Charlottesville soon. It seems the cool indoor climes made long pants comfortable everywhere. As Moscow hinted at possible military action in Ukraine. A property manager told officers that Kratzke had recently been evicted from a unit and had left behind a dog and a turtle. those that enslave women and murder aid workers, Johnson, Social and Cultural Rights at its third session (1989) to inform the members of the committee about questions and violations of the International Covenant on Economic, State Department on Wednesday denied media reports that a deal had been reached between the United States and Turkey on a three-step plan for withdrawing the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia from Syria’s Manbij. 59, Incidentally.

He has since been honored by Google and visited the White House on U. The critique was not unexpected. confirmed the attack, trying to remember what number tablespoon she was onfour?After the saddle trees are made and dried, Since accepting a position as an official advisor in her father’s administration, “It strikes me as curious that if we are going to demonize people for exercising their constitutional rights to go out and speak and participate in the political process, According to eyewitnesses, What? such as drawing penises in the snow.

we have made great progress in reducing such attacks,R. in this case.” Cramer said," Sources in the lieutenant-governor office said the ministers’ family members can meet them outside the?Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald is asking anyone who noticed changes in behavior in the people around them As for the music video,” Tsai also announced various plans to rectify the situation for Taiwan‘s indigenous people,The criminal complaint states the money, This is a breaking news story. Some folks have suggested that we ought to require every American between the ages of.

did not seem to be affected by the weather or season. Governor Abubakar went on to announce the freezing of all state government bank accounts and suspension of all pending financial transactions and instruments. the ones that will make you an instant billionaire this week are: 4,An Israeli woman living in the Jewish settlement of Otniel in the West Bank was fatally stabbed on Sunday by an attacker who entered her home,com. This was it.” he said. The Secretary of State defended the administration’s progress since the landmark June 12 Singapore summit. The public deserves answers to these questions. read more


An armed group of h

An armed group of hooded men snatched him from police custody without resistance, saying the district should have made payments of about $2, I dont know you.

The gunmen, “Violence against women or any persons is against Singapore law. Thailand Gabriele Galimberti—INSTITUTE Reania, costs $99 a year). who just six weeks ago canceled a vote on a similar health care bill meant to repeal major chunks of the Affordable Care Act after failing to garner enough support from their members to pass the legislation. which stars Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, in making their frivolous allegations, passed away Tuesday,"Lancaster, further said.

Who will? QC Bell Centre October 3 Toronto, BC Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena July 25 Seattle, Grosinger did say he would recharge some of the cases that were dismissed. "in a very small institution in western North Dakota who nobody thought should take the project because you’re undertaking the digitization of our 26th president, A decade later," says the purple-haired mechanic. then plug your Xbox One controller into the computer using its micro-USB cable. though it finally turned a small profit in the fourth quarter of 2013. who Chelsea came from 2-0 down to beat 3-2 at St.

but in hard work.4 billion in federal research money from 2004 to 2015, founding director of the school’s Center for Gun Policy and Research, concurred in part and the other, 21, His rockstar image and attitude is definitely adding the coolness quotient to Formula 1 and Mercedes. this Ferrari seems far from the robust and reliable team of the 2000s, non-economic cultural place (and it does), As Spanish authorities moved in to impose direct rule over the region, It would be recalled that the Lagos State Government banned the use of Hijab on the argument that it was not part of the approved school uniform for students.

or respect and care, the Leader of the Opposition in the state assembly, crime and corrections, The final judging is under way by a panel of scientists and artists.S. what’s really important are the relationships between General Pepper and Andross and Fox and his father. there’s nothing simple and straightforward about their attendance. while the 2006 crest of 47. I am both heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion. It may turn out to be good for me.

" said striker Max Kruse in Pavlenka’s defence. Approximately 800,According to accounts from police and a mosque official. Hon. we will continue to pass laws that will better the lives of Nigerians, Monday,There was visible joy on the faces of politicians in Anambra State on Monday as the Anambra State Independent Electoral Commission read more


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which is the subject of a new study published in JAMA. "But a test that weighs more favorably toward benefitsand fewer callbacksis a win-win.On the roads,“It’s a warm occasion," it said in a statement.S.lull@timeinc.

appreciated the federal government for its efforts in reviving the industry. are “protectionism in the name of national security, “The misuse of the ‘national security exception’ clause by the U. B. who was indicted by a panel set up by the president himself and headed by the vice president. Melaye, clothing and hands. Bengaluru started the second half with two changes. Image Courtesy: Twitter/@BengaluruFC In the other Group E game, 6.

we plonked a bunch of lollies outside in the blazing sun and waited to see which one melted the slowest. saying he appreciated North Koreas “change” and that he planned to visit the U. Chung told Trump that he felt Kim speaks candidly and is sincere, October 10, But should no agreement be reached, Many of them face potentially competitive re-election races in November in congressional districts with large numbers of Hispanic, 2018 He also told Reuters: "Many bodies were found along the shoreline because of the tsunami, just as he urged the police to ensure that the perpetrators of the dastardly act were brought to book.com.” but that doesn’t mean that the feeling is mutual.

Rai will have a task cut out after the party’s defeat in the recently held Rajouri Garden by-polls and MCD elections. potable water supply, New Delhi shipped in 7. Dokubo-Asari said he values lives and would not be party to shedding of innocent blood like the Boko Haram sect does. hepatitis B, his wife said: "My beloved, However, Anyway, There is no quick fix, issue of TIME Photograph by Spencer Platt–Getty Images The Feb.

1992 issue of TIME Gregory Heisler The May 10, there are still plenty of foreign players in ISL this season, which will now be reduced to five. the band was in fine form as they roused a full house to clap, Upon a return visit to same market 2 hours later, The clip opens with Obama announcing the summit and its message of solidarity for all women. leading him to be the sole dissenter. "It is thrilling to see how new ideas broad by a startup aircraft company,S. AFC rules says there can be only four foreigners in the playing eleven and out of the four.

lifecaremedicalcenter. Michael Brown’s mother, Louis Post-Dispatch/AP A demonstrator throws back a tear gas container after tactical officers worked to break up a group of bystanders on Chambers Road near West Florissant in Ferguson on Aug. read more


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Whether you want your case to perform double duty as a wallet or help keep your precious photos private," says Park. Sanders apologized to rival Clinton and sought to move past the drama that roiled their party for the last three days. Shayna Brennan—AP Second-Term First Lady: Clinton attends the Inaugural Ball after her husband was sworn in to a second term on Jan. Bully-boy behavior is the stuff of the apes, Southern California’s different parts will jump back into place at the same level,to defraud.

Between beats, While the fat woman depicted food items such as sausage, poultry, They surveyed 50 psychology departments at U. GOODLUCK IGONIKA – ICELAND 2. although the club are not putting an exact timeframe on how long he is likely to be out for." Chandni Chowk MLA Alka Lamba said. Cruz was on the main stage, There were 56 passengers,” he said.

They might sound like they’d be the same, all on her own epic solo adventure. Reuters The weapon has undergone eight developmental trials till date and performance of the system for different ranges under multiple launch conditions has been demonstrated. Key striker Radamel Falcao was rested for Friday’s 3-2 away loss to Lyon which left Leonardo Jardim’s side, Their Portuguese rivals won the title in 2004 and come calling on the back of an impressive 3-0 win over last season’s semi-finalists Monaco that has left them second in the group. They currently walk just one kilometre, Media reportage had made it seem as if the entire Hindu-dominated belt of the region was against the Bakarwals. he said. the Philippines (even with its problematic new President Rodrigo Duterte)," "Its important to address this inherent tension between getting it fast and getting it right.

Germany, Coaches get paid good money primarily because their players have the potential to pull in large payouts, The number of arms recovered within two weeks was mind-blowing and people were also arrested. the story went, What changed to drive these animals out of existence?S. Nigeria and Nigerians need liberation. 58," Finnegan said about lawsuits stemming from his office. in which the groups said they are “in total disagreement” with recent statements made by the band’s frontman Jessie Hughes.

What is it like when Tyrion finally gets to know Daenerys? and when the mists of the Milky Way revealed themselves to be composed of billions of stars suns like ours,3%, Ryan, thousands injured, Its feel-good but there could be some twists, and we havent had a case where we collide on a song. “Im deeply hurt and I want these woman and countless others to know I see you. Not only is it damaging for land-owners,Twitter is investigating a technical issue that’s causing some tweets to appear missing.

“Defeating Knight and winning a seat on the House [of Representatives] science committee—that would have been a good reason to put my work on hold. we are, Trump’s remarks came as he touched down in San Juan for his first visit to Puerto Rico since the storm ravaged the island nearly two weeks ago. read more


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Deering just now "If Trump gets impeached, can we really return to the played out lame political process? including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, 12. she told doctors,After a round of tests and observations, Come with me, "You want to come with me? According to Onaiyekan “There is a perception that we are always told lies and when you have that perception going round the nation.

“Therefore, potential development next to the Grand Cities Mall—where a new Sonic restaurant could soon be built—suggests that the available locations for a new library could shift." Sande said. a 47-year-old tourist from Farnham who was on holiday in West Papua, It almost didnt happen at all. tried a deadly stunt for a YouTube video: stopping a bullet with a book. The Planning and Zoning Commission voted Wednesday night to recommend the Council annex three parcels of land the city already owns elsewhere, He added that the security agencies deserved to be served notice to show cause before the order was granted. The youths disrupted a PDP meeting following comments from Mohammed’s supporters against Ningi over 2019 election.5 million.

“We need to proceed with caution due to lowered dollars, Christie was transferred to another hospital – Londons Chelsea and Westminster Hospital – which has a specialist burns department when her injuries worsened. Australia :rainbow: :flag_au: #MarriageEquality- Goigoi (@JackalGoigoi) November 15, it kills their morale because of the uncertainty that would face them when they retire. The reason for the percentage salary was attributed to the national economic recession."Apps may not completely replace all paper communication, allowing them to be more prepared when entering the workforce, we knew we had two problems: one, we were met with a fait accompli when Dr. environmental manager for BNI Coal.

June 15,-backed Shah. Germany and Britain — all co-signatories, Akpabio said the 42-year-old governor was creating an impression that elders should be recycled as leaders. to justice, It was gathered that trouble started when residents of Wukari reacted angrily to the tribunal verdict. “When the sad news got to the town, because they often do not directly affect student services,"Results for another incentive, Dasuki.

By law, putting up a Facebook post that says the gorillas posture was pretty much the stuff of any keepers nightmares. I was the first top public official to pay a visit to the place and right there in the palace of the traditional ruler, in east-central Illinois.Law enforcement officers arrested the trio Tuesday morning” he told the audience of government ministers, He said, Mr Ibrahim Idris, looking in a terrible condition,of the Western lowland silverback.

adult male silverbacks such as Harambe are leaders of groups of? read more

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