Investment community still skeptical over prospects for Keystone

first_imgThe Canadian PressCALGARY _ The presidential permit for Keystone XL did little to assuage concerns Friday from the investment community that the project, which has stoked controversy since its inception nearly a decade ago, still faces a litany of challenges.Beyond the political and corporate bravado that greeted the White House’s blessing, analysts took a more cautious view over whether TransCanada’s pipeline would ever get built.“There’s still a number of hurdles,” said Justin Bouchard of Desjardins Capital Markets.“I’m sure we’re going to see blockades like we saw with the Dakota Access Pipeline. … It’s certainly not a foregone conclusion that this thing will be built.”Environmentalists, First Nation and others opposed to the potential climate impacts fromt he 1,900-kilometre pipeline say they’ll keep trying to derail it through grassroots movements _ and they are warning the financial community directly.“Investors should be very worried about the risky financials and lack of social licence attached to pipeline projects across both countries,” said Greenpeace campaigner Mike Hudema in a statement.“The fight is far from over.”Skirmishes could play out at the national, state and local levels as TransCanada works to put in place the final permits needed to start construction, with Nebraska the focal point of opposition.A state commission is considering whether Keystone XL is in Nebraska’s interest, though its review is not taking into account safety risks.TransCanada expects that process will conclude by the end of the year and construction to begin next year, with 2020 being the earliest that crude from Alberta’s oilsands could begin flowing in the pipeline.Robert Kwan at RBC Capital Markets said the presidential permit was widely anticipated and he isn’t including Keystone XL in his valuation of TransCanada.There’s also the question of economics. When Keystone XL was proposed, oil prices were far above US$100 a barrel, making the case for such a pipeline more attractive.As the pace of oilsands growth slows, Keystone XL also faces increased competition from other proposed pipelines, including Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion, the Enbridge Line 3 replacement and TransCanada’s own Energy East Pipeline, said Bouchard.“Four or five years ago we needed all of those projects,” he said. “Today, it doesn’t seem like we do, just given there’s been massive curtailment in spending.”Talk of challenges facing Keystone XL _ legal or political _ are not surprising, said Dirk Lever at AltaCorp Capital.“They’ll do anything to stop it,” said Lever. “They just see a pipeline like an artery coming out of the oilsands, and they want the heart to stop.”TransCanada’s stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange barely changed Friday, closing at $61.82, up six cents or 0.1 per cent.news@aptn.calast_img read more


Rahul expresses ‘regret’ once again over his remarks in SC

first_imgNew Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi expressed “regret” once again in the Supreme Court on Monday for his “chowkidar chor hai” remark on the Rafale judgement, which the apex court had said was “incorrectly attributed” to it.The apex court on April 15 had given a categorical clarification that in its Rafale verdict there was no occasion for it to make a mention of the contemptuous observation that “chowkidar Narendra Modi chor hain” as has been attributed to it by Gandhi. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra SinghGandhi, who filed a fresh affidavit following the formal notice issued to him by the apex court on a criminal contempt petition filed against him by BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi, has written the word “regret” in bracket. On April 22, Gandhi had filed an affidavit in response to the apex court’s order asking him to give an explanation over his remarks and had said that he was expressing “regret” over it. However, during the hearing in the matter on April 23, senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi, appearing for Lekhi, had told a bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi that the word ‘regret’ was in a bracket and actually it was a “lip service of apology”. Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroadIn his fresh affidavit, Gandhi reiterated what he had said in his explanation earlier that his statement was made in the “heat of political campaigning” and there was not the “slightest intention to insinuate” anything regarding the Supreme Court proceedings in any manner. He said his April 10 statement was made in purely political context to counter the “misinformation campaign” being led by senior BJP functionaries as well as the government that the apex court verdict on December 14 last year was a “clean chit” to the Centre regarding all the aspects of the Rafale deal. “My statement was made in the heat of political campaigning. It has been used (and misused) by my political opponents to project that I had deliberately and intentionally suggested that this Court had said ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’! Nothing could be farther from my mind,” he said in his 28-page affidavit. “It is also clear that no court would ever do that and hence the unfortunate references (for which I express regret) to the court order and to the political slogan in juxtaposition the same breath in the heat of political campaigning ought not to be construed as suggesting that the court had given any finding or conclusion on that issue,” Gandhi said in his affidavit filed through advocate Sunil Fernandes. Gandhi clarified that he did not have the “slightest or remotest intention, desire or even thought process, to bring the court into the political arena or bring it into disrepute or attribute to it deliberately or willfully that which the court had not said or meant”. Referring to a media interview by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gandhi said Modi had “clearly suggested” that the apex court had given him a clean chit in the Rafale deal.last_img read more


Police seize fentanyl cocaine from Hamilton apartment

Two Hamilton residents are facing several charges after police seized $10,000 worth of drugs from an apartment building.The Hamilton Police Vice and Drug unit executed a search warrant shortly after 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday at 468 Ottawa St. North.Police seized a number of illicit drugs including fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, cannabis marijuana, psilocybin and methadone.Kyle Wojcziuk, 26, and Megan Belbin, 22, are both facing several drug trafficking charges.


Centrality of UN keynote theme on third day of General Assembly debate

Prime Minister Mahathir MohamadMalaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said the world today was seeing the resurgence of European imperialism, which at first, it had limited to economic strangulation and financial emasculation, but now one witnessed physical occupation by foreign forces and the installation of puppet regimes. He said the UN itself, on which so much hope had been pinned was collapsing, helpless to protect the weak and poor, he noted. It was not surprising that disparities between the rich and the poor had become far greater, he added. Mr. Mahathir stressed the need to restore the integrity and credibility of the Organization.In addition Mr. Mahathir warned that the unipolar world, led by a democratic nation, was leading the rest of the international community to economic chaos, political anarchy, uncertainty and fear, from which the world would not recover. If the world wanted democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights, the powerful had to demonstrate their commitment to those noble ideals, he said. They could begin by restructuring the United Nations, in particular through the abolition of the undemocratic single country veto, which should be replaced with a modified veto in which two vetoes, backed by three other members of the Security Council, would be needed to block a resolution. Video President Vladimir PutinTaking the floor next, President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation stressed the UN’s central role in the major crises facing the world, from Iraq to terrorism to humanitarian suffering. “The UN instruments are not only in demand. As life itself has proven, in critical cases they are simply irreplaceable,” he declared. “Despite strong differences about the ways of resolving the Iraqi crisis, the situation ultimately is coming back to the UN legal field.” Russia’s position was clear. “Only direct participation of the United Nations in the reconstruction of Iraq will give its people an opportunity to independently decide their future,” he said.Turning to the global nature of terrorism, President Putin said: “The UN is duty bound to become – and is indeed becoming – a basis for the global anti-terrorist coalition.” Noting that humanitarian activities consume a lion’s share of UN work but do not so often make front-page news, he added: “However, it is this UN function that essentially continues to be fundamental and irreplaceable.” He likewise called for concerted action on combating problems ranging from AIDS to environmental degradation and advocated a gradual and cautious approach to UN reforms such as enlarging the Security Council in order to achieve the broadest possible agreement. Video Prime Minister Atal Bihari VajpayeeJoining the chorus of the multilateralists, Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said the vision of an enlightened multilateralism had not materialized. “During the past year, the United Nations encountered further new challenges,” he added. “We saw the extraordinary inability of the five permanent members of the Security Council to agree on action in respect of Iraq, in spite of complete agreement on basic objectives.” He said reform and enlargement of the Security Council was essential for true multilateralism. “For the Security Council to represent genuine multilateralism in its decisions and actions, its membership must reflect current world realities,” he declared. Mr. Vajpayee said international economic relations continued to be characterized by inequities and inequalities between the developing and developed countries, and warned that a preoccupation with terrorism should not dilute a commitment to tackle non-military threats to human and international security such as poverty, AIDS and environmental degradation. Referring to the dispute over Kashmir, Mr. Vajpayee declared: “When the cross-border terrorism stops – or when we eradicate it – we can have a dialogue with Pakistan on the other issues between us.” Video Prime Minister Edward Fenech AdamiAdvocating regional solidarity as an important element in international cooperation, the Prime Minister of Malta, Edward Fenech Adami, recalled that over the past year, Malta, together with nine other countries, successfully concluded negotiations to join the European Union (EU). Mr. Adami said he was gratified to see how much the EU was fast becoming one of the main partners of the UN in the collective endeavour towards global cooperation and solidarity.Malta also hoped that UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, accompanied by the persuasion of the EU, would succeed in resolving the problem of Cyprus. Mr. Adami said one of the major strengths of the Euro-Mediterranean process lay in the linkage that it maintained between security and wider issues of cooperation in the economic and humanitarian fields. He noted that Malta is depositing its ratification of the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and two of its protocols; by so doing, Malta would have ratified or acceded to 11 of the 15 treaties on which the Secretary-General has focused for this year’s treaty event. VideoAlso participating in the Assembly’s general debate this morning were the Foreign Ministers of Israel, Silvan Shalom, the United Kingdom, Jack Straw, and Sweden, Jan O. Karlsson. President Néstor Carlos KirchnerPresident Néstor Carlos Kirchner of Argentina made an impassioned plea for multilateralism. “Revitalizing this global representation forum is essential in order for international law to become once again the rational instrument enabling us to resolve conflicts and face threats,” he said. “It is a fact that multilateralism was the foundation on which this organization was created.” Noting that since the end of the Cold War this has changed to the “technological, military and economic supremacy of one country over the rest,” he added, “We therefore consider it necessary to reaffirm our deep support for the purposes and principles inspiring the United Nations, both in order to have an organization actively participating to further peace as well as to promote mankind’s social and economic development.”With his heavily indebted country having incurred the largest sovereign debt default ever two years ago, President Kirchner devoted much of his speech to the debt issue, and called for concrete international assistance to enable indebted countries to rebuild their economic solvency. He also called for a peaceful settlement of the dispute over the British-ruled Malvinas islands, known in English as the Falklands. “The United Nations has recognized that this is a colonial situation maintained by the United Kingdom and that it must be settled through bilateral negotiations between the Argentine Republic and the UK,” he said. Video Chief of Government Patrick LeclercqThe Chief of the Government of Monaco, Patrick Leclercq, stressed the importance of being accountable as members of the international community to the collective demands of that community. “That is why it is so important to strive to make our Organization more effective so that respect for our principles and objectives take precedence over the apparent facility of self-justified action, so that a common approach, based on dialogue, take precedence over unilateral action,” he declared.Noting that a small country like Monaco must assess the reasonable limits of the contribution it can make to the action of the international community, Mr. Leclercq said the principality had focused its efforts on sustainable development and humanitarian action. “Education, health, childhood protection, development aid and protection of the environment are Monaco’s priorities in this respect, more particularly in Africa where we have doubled our aid since the adoption of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) as well as in the Mediterranean region,” he added. Video Prime Minister Bertie AhernBertie Ahern, the Prime Minister of Ireland, appealed to all governments to change their attitude towards the UN and urged them to stop treating it as a tool useful only to the extent it could deliver their own national agendas. Contrary to popular opinion, he said, when the Organization fails it is because governments that represent the peoples of the UN have failed, individually or collectively, to meet their obligations. He said a viable system of global governance that could ensure international peace and security had to possess two essential qualities: effectiveness and legitimacy. To be effective, it required the unambiguous support of the entire international community and its decisions must be respected, and to retain legitimacy, the system must be seen to work in the interests of the entire international community.Mr. Ahern said his government would be deeply concerned at the widespread acceptance of a doctrine of pre-emptive strike given the ever more lethal nature of modern weapons, the risk of large-scale death, destruction and escalation were enormous. More effective than striking pre-emptively was to pre-empt the risk of conflict through a wide range of steps in the diplomatic, economic, humanitarian and other areas, he said. To that end, Mr. Ahern said more attention should be devoted to dealing with the root causes of conflict, identifying potential conflicts as early as possible and dealing with them before they got out of hand. Video At its morning session, the Assembly heard President Tassos Papadopoulos of Cyprus note that terrorism around the globe, from Baghdad to Jakarta, from Russia to India and back to the 11 September attacks on the United States transcended international borders in its attack on universal values and demanded an international response. “As the threat is unfortunately far from over, a genuine mobilization under the aegis of the United Nations is of the essence if this endeavour is to be successful,” he declared. Likewise, the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the risk of their acquisition by terrorists had become a top priority on the world’s agenda. “In this respect, the United Nations have a truly instrumental role to play,” he said.Turning to the situation in Cyprus, President Papadopoulos thanked Secretary-General Kofi Annan and his Special Adviser, Alvaro de Soto, for their efforts at seeking a solution to the issue. However, he also deplored the “continuing and longstanding Turkish intransigence” which a few months ago “thwarted what was probably the strongest ever initiative of the United Nations for finding a solution in Cyprus.” Video Prime Minister Forné MolnéFor his part, the Prime Minister of Andorra Marc Forné Molné recalled one of the proud moments in the long history of his country when in 1993 Andorra became a Member State of the UN. He said they joined with great hopes and continued to believe in the organization’s crucial role, despite the crises that have plagued the world body. International cooperation is necessary if the world has to survive global warming, the strange climatic shifts of recent years, pollution of great oceans and lakes and the most dangerous of all threats, nuclear weapons, he noted.Mr. Molné said the world needed to insist on a decent life for everyone and that was why Andorra was committed to aiding development around the world. Since 1995, Andorra regularly increased its budgetary contributions and it hoped to devote 0.7 per cent of its total budget to foreign aid within two years, he stated. Mr. Molné also said his country supported UN institutions implementing small-scale solutions that fostered self-reliance and local initiative. Andorra was particularly enthusiastic about projects aimed at children, education and helping women to establish their own businesses. Video read more


Bird flu UN agency calls for mass cullings international aid for compensation

“Mass cullings in affected areas are currently considered as the most effective way of stamping out the highly contagious virus that has so far hit 10 countries in Asia,” the agency’s senior animal production and health officer, Hans Wagner, said of the measures which have so far resulted in 25 million birds being killed. “We are, however, concerned that mass cullings are not taking place at a speed we consider absolutely necessary to contain the virus H5N1 [the current avian flu strain] in the region,” Mr. Wagner added. Noting that lack of compensation discouraged small producers dependent on chickens and eggs for their daily income from applying necessary emergency measures, he called on the international community to urgently address the problem of financial assistance and advice, especially in poorer countries. “The campaign against avian flu can only be successful if we convince poultry farmers in all affected countries to apply drastic emergency measures such as cullings,” Mr. Wagner said. “There is a real threat that the virus may linger on in poorer countries which are without adequate resources to apply control measures.” Only two countries, Viet Nam and Thailand, have so far reported laboratory confirmed cases of bird flu infection in humans, the former with eight cases, six of them fatal, the latter with three cases, two of them fatal. None of those involved human-to-human transmission. But the FAO and UN World Health Organization (WHO) warned earlier this week that the virus risked evolving into “an efficient and dangerous human pathogen.” If the virus circulates long enough in humans and farm animals “there is an increased risk that it may evolve into a pandemic influenza strain which could cause disease worldwide,” they added. read more


Egypt UN experts report worsening crackdown on protest

“The worsening crackdown on peaceful protest and dissent in Egypt represents a further setback for an open political environment and a vibrant civil society,” saidthe UN Special Rapporteurs on freedom of expression, David Kaye; on freedom of peaceful assembly and association, Maina Kiai; and on human rights defenders, Michel Forst. “The use of force against civil society and against the expression of dissenting views on political issues contribute to a deteriorating climate for the promotion and protection of fundamental rights that form the essential components of a democratic society,” they stressed. The rights experts condemned the authorities’ harsh response to the largest protests in Egypt in the past two years with mass arrests and use of force in a continued clampdown on peaceful protestors, journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders. They also criticised the storming of Egypt’s Journalists’ Syndicate by security forces on 1 May, a first since its founding 75 years ago. On 15 and 25 April, protests took place across Egypt and security forces responded with tear gas and use of force to disperse the protestors. Over 380 protestors, journalists and human rights defenders were arrested during the demonstrations. Security forces also stopped pedestrians in Cairo and inspected their social media accounts for ‘anti-Government publications’ and ‘inciting pictures”. The UN human rights experts reiterated their call on the Egyptian authorities to cease curtailing public freedoms and instead take active steps to encourage the peaceful and legitimate exercise of the right to freedom of expression and assembly in the country. In addition, they voiced particular concern over the use of national security provisions and counterterrorism legislation to target individuals exercising their rights, in particular journalists and human rights activists. “Security concerns should not be used as a pretext to harass journalists, lawyers and protestors and ban peaceful political opposition, which will undermine not only public debate and fundamental rights, but security and long-term stability,” the experts stressed. Independent experts or special rapporteurs are appointed by the Geneva-based Human Rights Council to examine and report back on a country situation or a specific human rights theme. The positions are honorary and the experts are not UN staff, nor are they paid for their work. read more


Provincial 3MT contest being livestreamed Thursday morning

Let’s get behind Carly Cameron, Brock’s 2016 3MT champion, on Thursday, April 14 at the provincial finals of the Three-Minute Thesis Competition in Waterloo. Cameron won Brock’s 3MT finals last week to advance to the provincial finals.The master’s student in Applied Health Sciences is researching ways to make the gym setting a more comfortable and less critical place for women.The Brock community is invited to watch the Ontario contest that will be livestreamed at https://livestream.com/cigionline/events/5142325, beginning at 10 a.m. on April 14. Based on a random draw, Cameron will present fifth out of the field of 20 doctoral and master’s degree students representing Ontario’s universities.The event can also be followed on social media with the hashtag #3MTOnt.   “After years of using language that’s highly specialized in my field, this competition made me think about the big picture impact of my research and how to convey that to the public,” says Cameron. “To be given the opportunity to share this with the broader community is a fantastic way to bridge the gap between research and practice.”Winners of the 3MT Ontario, will receive $2,000 in total prize money. As well, the top five presenters will move onto the national level, an online competition co-ordinated by the Canadian Association of Graduate Schools.Sitting across from the competitors in Waterloo will be a panel of judges with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. Invoking images of “American Idol,” the 3MT Ontario judges will score the quality of the presentations and the presenters’ ability to engage the audience. The judges for the 3MT Ontario are: Rob Baker, guitarist for the Tragically HipDavid Meyers, chief executive officer of Iceberg VodkaSusan Anzolin, chief financial officer for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario)Ken Steele, chief futurist at EduvationGohar Ashoughian, university librarian, Wilfrid Laurier UniversityThe 3MT is hosted by Wilfrid Laurier University and is open to the public. The event will take place at the Centre for International Governance and Innovation (CIGI), 10 a.m. to noon, 67 Erb Street West Waterloo.More information can be found at here.The 3MT is a communications competition for graduate students. Developed in Australia by the University of Queensland in 2008, the 3MT challenges students to explain their research in plain language in just three minutes. read more


Ohio State outlasts California 5234

BERKELEY, Calif. – In a game that saw Ohio State and California combine for more than 1,000 yards of total offense, the Buckeyes outlasted the Golden Bears 52-34 Saturday.The Buckeyes ended the game with 608 yards of total offense.After a quick three-and-out by Cal to open the game, OSU wasted no time getting into the scoring column. Redshirt-senior quarterback Kenny Guiton, who was named the starter in place of injured junior quarterback Braxton Miller, hit junior wide receiver Devin Smith down the right sideline and Smith took it 90 yards to make it 7-0. The score was the longest offensive play in Ohio State football history.Not even two minutes later, the two connected again for another touchdown, this one from 47 yards out to give the Buckeyes a 14-0 advantage. Golden Bear freshman quarterback Jared Goff was stripped by junior linebacker Ryan Shazier on Cal’s next drive, resulting in Guiton’s third touchdown pass of the game, as he found senior wide receiver Chris Fields on fourth and goal from the one.Cal scored quickly on its next drive on a Goff touchdown pass to make it 21-7, and a 39-yard field goal by the Buckeyes made it 24-7. Goff threw his second touchdown pass of the game on the ensuing drive to make it 24-14 after one quarter of play.Even though OSU got off to a such a quick start, coach Urban Meyer said he did not feel secure until there were only a few minutes left.“I never felt comfortable until three minutes left or something like that,” Meyer said. “I felt like we could control, running the ball, run the clock out but I never…not until the end I felt comfortable.”Redshirt senior running back Jordan Hall scored on a one-yard touchdown run to give the Buckeyes a 17-point lead, and Cal kicked two field goals making the score 31-20 at the half.Hall scored twice in the third quarter, as the offenses kept humming. Goff threw two more touchdown passes himself to make it 52-27 at the end of the third.The Golden Bears were able to score once more in the fourth quarter on a one yard run by running back Daniel Lasco, but the Buckeyes ran out the clock to hold on to the win 52-34.Meyer called the high offensive production something that was “fun to watch,” and the way the unit is playing right now is what he envisions it looking like.“We couldn’t have done this a year ago. Its not going to happen,” Meyer said. “The development of Devin Smith, the development of Corey Brown, Philly Brown, and there are some weapons on offense right now.”Guiton finished the game with 276 yards passing and four touchdowns, and Hall ran for 168 yards on 30 carries and scored three touchdowns.Even though he said he was never really told he was going to start Saturday, Guiton said that did not change his preparation.“I really was never told a a set time when I was going to start or anything but all week I practice with the ones and just prepared with them like the starters,” Guiton said. “I kept the mindset like I was starting and today when I got the nod and everything I was just ready to go.”OSU takes on Florida A&M in Columbus next Saturday at noon. read more


8 resignations which will make you want to up your resignation game

first_imgAS YOU’LL WELL know at this stage, Alex Ferguson has resigned after 27 years at the helm of one of the world’s most successful football clubs, Manchester United.He’ll be manager until the end of  the season, and beyond that will remain involved with the club in a new capacity so it’s fair to say he’s leaving on good terms.  However, that is not always the case.Sometimes resignations can be vicious reflections of years of resentment and anger.  Other times they are creative vessels of thanks for a fulfilling work experience.  When they fulfill either of those extremes they are vastly entertaining.Here are eight such resignations, some of which include NSFW language.The person whose talents had clearly gone unrecognised in their positionaddfunnyThe web designer who tailor made a version of Super Mario Brothers to say goodbyeIn order to get the full message you have to complete each of the levels in the game, which you can play here.This guy is clearly a genius. Farbs.orgThe employee in Singapore whose message was cleartomorrow.sgThe graphic designer who had had enough when she resigned with a letter written in crayonPositiveSharing.comThe guy who took a friendly and decidedly informal approachmandarchThe employee who really had a way with fake e-mail addressesfunny-pictures.feedio.netThe girl who delivered her message with a smilethechiveThe person who delivered the ultimate error messagegeekologie7 tips for a peaceful poo at work>9 foolproof ways to get ahead in the office>last_img read more


Watch Scientists Spot Fish That Hold Its Breath Underwater

first_img Researchers Uncover Most Powerful Electric Eel EverAngler Reels in Strange Fish With ‘Two Mouths’ in Upstate New York Stay on target The ocean is home to many strange creatures — like the odd, puffy, grumpy-looking fish known as the coffinfish (Chaunax endeavouri) that live deep in the Pacific Ocean, and which scientists have spotted for the first time “holding” its breath underwater.Researchers observed this “breath-holding” behavior for the first time while combing through publicly available videos captured by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s remotely operated vehicles during expeditions, according to Science magazine.According to Science, to get the necessary oxygen to survive, fish gulp down water (which is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen), extract oxygen, and then “exhale” the oxygen-depleted water by releasing it from their gills. But the researchers eight deep-sea coffinfish holding large quantities of water in their gill chambers without any signs of inhaling or exhaling, some up to 4 minutes at a time.In an article published in Journal of Fish Biology, researchers describe that when the coffinfish finally release the water minutes later, their bodies deflate by 20 percent to 30 percent. It’s the fish’s enormous gill chambers that let them store such large volumes of water for several minutes.One of the observed coffinfish (Chaunacops coloratus) that can hold onto water in their large gill chambers for quite a long time. (Photo Credit: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research)The study reports that this breath-holding behavior has not been observed in any other fish, and the coffinfish are likely holding their breath to conserve energy.“Deep sea habitats tend to favor species with low energetic demands, and therefore we predict that deep sea fishes will have behavioral and morphological specializations of the gill ventilatory system to reduce the energetic cost of pumping water across the gills,” the researchers said.More on Geek.com:Newly Discovered Fish Is Named After Gollum of ‘The Lord of the Rings’Rare Giant Sunfish Washes Up on California BeachWatch: Fierce Winds Blow Fish Right Out of the Sea in Maltalast_img read more


Health and wellbeing in numbers December 2015

first_imgA look at some of the latest facts and figures in workplace health and wellbeing.44% of respondents would like their employer to help them make positive changes to their lifestyle (Source: Bupa) 56% of respondents cite unrealistic deadlines and workloads as a key trigger for workplace stress (Source: LV=) 13% of respondents do not feel secure enough in their job to have time off when ill (Source: Canada Life Group Insurance) 67% of UK respondents aged 55 and over believe that their line manager cares about employee wellbeing (Source: Edenred) 42% of senior manager respondents think that flu is a good enough reason for an employee to call in sick (Source: Axa PPP Healthcare) £5 million is being invested in a health and wellbeing initiative for the National Health Service’s 1.3 million health service stafflast_img read more


Big Boi Travis Scott Confirmed As Special Guests For Super Bowl LIII

first_img Big Boi & Travis Scott To Perform At Super Bowl big-boi-travis-scott-confirmed-special-guests-super-bowl-liii-halftime-show Big Boi & Travis Scott Confirmed As Special Guests For Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show Facebook News Maroon 5 had been confirmed as the main halftime performer back in September and, as Billboard reports, Scott had been a rumored guest but did not confirm his place on the lineup until the NFL agreed to offer a joint donation with him to a social justice organization. Fader adds that a $500,000 total contribution was made to a “social justice accelerator” run by social entrepreneur and activist Van Jones.Big Boi, an Atlanta native and former member of GRAMMY-winning rap super-duo Outkast, shared his excitement of performing on his home turf at the new Mercedes-Benz stadium. Shortly after the NFL’s announcement yesterday he tweeted: “#SBLIII ATL let’s get it!” along with a promo video for the show.You can catch the Super Bowl LIII halftime show, along with the football game, whose teams have yet to be determined, on CBS on Feb. 3.Bad Bunny And Residente Surprise Puerto Rico Governor With Visitcenter_img Email Scott and Atlanta native Big Boi will join previously announced halftime performers Maroon 5 onstage on Feb. 3Ana YglesiasGRAMMYs Jan 14, 2019 – 11:41 am On Jan. 13, the NFL officially announced that current GRAMMY nominee Travis Scott and GRAMMY winner Big Boi would join GRAMMY winners Maroon 5 for the halftime show at Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 3. Twitter last_img read more


Halibut commission boosts catch limits for most of the coast

first_imgIPHC staff and commissioners meet at Juneau’s Centennial Hall (Photo from IPHC Facebook page)The International Pacific Halibut Commission Friday approved an increase in halibut catch limits for most of the coast.The joint U.S. and Canadian body oversees management of the prized bottom fish from California to Alaska. The commission held its annual meeting in Juneau this week.Commissioners approved a coast-wide catch of 29,890,000 pounds for 2016. That’s an increase of 2.2 percent from last year’s limits.Commissioner chair Jim Balsiger of Juneau said the decisions were not easy to make. “But all in all I think it was a really good meeting,” Balsiger said. Since, first time in the last few years that things are relatively optimistic in the stocks, first time in the last few years we’ve seen a fairly significant decrease in bycatch. The discussions focused quite a bit, both in the public and in our executive sessions about the trade offs we have to make between rebuilding the stocks and capturing some revenue in the fisheries now when things look a little bit better. And I’m happy where we ended up so I think it was a good meeting.”In area 2C, Southeast Alaska, the commission approved a combined commercial and charter catch of 4,950,000 pounds, an increase of six percent from last year.British Columbia, area 2B, was approved for 7.3 million pounds, an increase of over four percent.In area 3A, the central Gulf, the commission approved a combined commercial and charter catch limit of 9.6 million pounds. That’s a decrease of a half million pounds, or five percent, from last year. The Commission also adopted catch-share plans for Southeast Alaska and the central Gulf that impact the number and size of halibut that charter anglers can keep.Overall the commission approved catch limits above the IPHC staff’s “blue line” numbers. Those represent long-standing harvest percentages applied to the estimated legal-sized halibut for each regulatory area.Commissioner Jeff Kauffman of St. Paul noted the overall decision was about 12 percent, or 3.2 million pounds above that “blue-line” number. “To let you know where most of those increases came from, about 2.5 million pounds out of the 3.2 million pound increase above the blue line came from area 2, an area that I think we have a lot of confidence in, an area that’s responded very well to the cuts that we’ve all experienced over the last decade or so and about 660,000 pounds of the increase above the blue line came from areas 3A and west, areas that we have I think more concern about,” Kauffman explained. “So the bulk of the allocation above the blue line came from area 2 and about 660,000 pounds of that came from area 3A and west.” Area 2 stretches from Southeast Alaska to California.For most of the coast, commissioners approved a season start date of March 19th and end date of November 7th.The catch limit for 3B was set at 2.71 million pounds. Area 4A was set at 1.39 million, area 4B was set at 1.14 million and area 4CDE was set at 1.66 million.In 2C, the catch is broken down as 3.9 million pounds for the commercial long-line fleet and just over 900,000 pounds for the charter fleet. In area 3A, that split is 7.3 million pounds for commercial fishermen and just over 1.8 million for the charter fleet.Commissioners did not approve any change to the size of halibut that can be kept in the commercial fishery. Charter bag limits are the same, although charter fishermen in Southeast get an extra inch on smaller keeper halibut this year, up to 43 inches.The commission voted to approve long-line pot gear as legal gear for halibut, in areas where the National Marine Fisheries Service already allows pots in the sablefish fishery. That will allow commercial boats fishing for black cod to keep halibut caught in pots in the Gulf of Alaska. That change will be reviewed by the IPHC in three years.Commissioners thanked outgoing director Bruce Leaman for his work. He’s been with the IPHC since 1997 and is turning over the reigns this August to David Wilson. Wilson has worked in Indian Ocean tuna management and with fisheries in Australia.last_img read more


HPCL Bharat Electronics Engineers India hit new 52week high Sensex up 200

first_imgBenchmark stock indices opened with gains on Tuesday, led by metal and oil stocks even as select stocks hit new 52-week high in morning trade. The BSE Sensex was trading 218 points higher at 26,568 at around 12.45 pm. Top Sensex gainers were Maruti Suzuki, GAIL (India), Mahindra, Asian Paints and Coal India.The Indian rupee opened 3 paise higher at 68.73 to the US dollar. “The intra-day range is seen between 68.60-68.90 levels,” IFA Global said in a note.Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) shares hit a fresh year-high of Rs 485.95 apiece, Bharat Electronics Ltd. touched Rs 1,426.75 and Engineers India breached Rs 297.90.Tata Steel was up 1.23 percent at Rs 412.10 after hitting an intraday high of Rs 417 on decision to sell its Speciality Steels business to Liberty House Group for an enterprise value of £100 million. The business employs about 1,700 people and makes steel for aerospace, automotive and oil & gas industries, the company said in a regulatory filing on Tuesday.The State Bank of India (SBI) shares were trading at Rs 255.20 apiece, a marginal gain of 0.63 percent, at around 12.45 pm. One of the battered stocks due to bad loan woes, the stock has gained about 24.5 percent in the last six months, from its June 1 closing of Rs 204.85.”SBI ranked seventh in the league table of the companies with highest market capitalization. It was not a part of the 10 most-valued companies list at the beginning of the year because of bad loans concerns and decaying sentiment towards public sector bank (PSB) stocks,” brokerage Dynamic Levels said in a note on Tuesday.Bond prices are falling over the past few weeks in view of the volatility in the market.”India sovereign bonds slid most in fifteen months after RBI told lenders over the weekend to set aside more deposits as reserves in a bid to temper excess banking liquidity. Yield on 6.97% govt bond due September 2026 rose 9bps to 6.32 percent, the most for a 10-year bond since Aug. 24, 2015,” Geojit BNP Paribas said on Tuesday.India Q2 gross domestic product data is due for release on Wednesday.last_img read more


Resident Evil 2 Thong Mod Makes Mr X A Lover Not A

first_img ‘Teppen’ Is Capcom vs. Card GamesThese Are the Games You Should Check Out This Month Stay on target 2019 isn’t even two months old yet and it’s already been a great year for video games. And one of the biggest reasons why is Resident Evil 2, a stunning remake of one of the best entries in Capcom’s classic survival horror franchise. Resident Evil 2 is dripping with tension, between its apocalyptic Raccoon City and its zombie-filled police station. But by far the biggest source of dread is Mr. X, a unkillable zombie tyrant who slowly stalks you throughout the game, popping up at the worst times to strangle you with his bare hands.Mr. X’s unstoppable silent might is what mostly makes him so terrifying. But don’t dismiss his style either, wearing a black trenchcoat and hat like a hulking government agent. However, what if you could change that outfit? Would that make it easier to face your fears? Try it yourself with this Mr. X thong mod.Resident Evil 2 is available on PC as well as consoles, and therefore enterprising players can mod it into whatever nonsense their imagination allows. When the game launched folks went to town adding an audio trigger that played DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” whenever Mr. X appeared to give it to you. But this sexy new “Beach Boy X” mod is even more impressive in its loving ridiculousness.As you can see the mod strips Mr. X of his outerwear, leaving only his chiseled blue and bald Doctor Manhattan-esque body. The only clothing left are his flip flops and a banana hammock featuring the logo of his masters at the Umbrella Corporation. It’ll send shivers down your spine. And you can download it right here.Thong or no thong, Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 is a stellar part of a fantastic game. For more on Resident Evil rejoice that the franchise is good again and check out the goriest Resident Evil toys.last_img read more


Russian imams suspected killers detained

first_imgMOSCOW (AP) – Five people suspected of killing a top Muslim cleric and wounding another in Tatarstan province were detained Friday, Russian prosecutors said.Valiulla Yakupov, the deputy to the province’s chief mufti, was gunned down Thursday in the regional capital of Kazan. Minutes later, the chief mufti, Ildus Faizov, suffered leg wounds after an explosive device ripped through his car.Both clerics were known to be critics of the radical Islamist groups that have mushroomed in recent years in this predominantly Muslim Volga River province of 4 million people. Top Stories Comments   Share   How do cataracts affect your vision? Islamic radicals from the Caucasus have called for the establishment of a caliphate, an independent Islamic state under Shariah law that includes the Caucasus, Tatarstan and other parts of Russia that were once part of the Golden Horde _ a medieval Muslim state ruled by a Tatar-Mongol dynasty.The other three suspects in the case are Airat Shakirov, 41; Azat Gainutdinov, 31, and Abdunozim Ataboyev, a 36-year-old national of ex-Soviet Uzbekistan. The investigators did not provide any details on their occupation or background.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements The difference between men and women when it comes to pain New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Faizov has also been criticized by media in Tatarstan for allegedly profiting on tours he organized for Muslim pilgrims and for trying to gain control of one of the oldest and largest mosques in Kazan, which receives hefty donations from thousands of believers.The Investigative Committee said Friday that one of the suspects _ Rustem Gataullin, 57 _ owned a company that organized hajj pilgrimages, and another one _ Murat Galleyev, 39 _ heads a religious institution in Tatarstan.The 49-year-old Faizov became Tatarstan’s chief mufti in 2011 and began a crackdown on radical Islamists by dismissing ultraconservative preachers and banning textbooks from Saudi Arabia, where the government-approved religious doctrine is based on Salafism.The rise in Tatarstan of radical adherents of an austere, puritanical version of Islam known as Salafism has been fueled by the influx of Muslim clerics from Chechnya and other predominantly Muslim provinces of Russia’s Caucasus region, where an Islamic insurgency has been raging for years. Last year, Doku Umarov, leader of the embattled Chechen separatists, issued a religious decree calling on radical Islamists from the Caucasus to move to the densely-populated Volga River region that includes Tatarstan. Sponsored Stories Parents, stop beating yourself up Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debateslast_img read more


The Best States for Homeowners

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News, Origination June 11, 2019 723 Views The Best States for Homeowners While Iowa may have the lowest housing costs, and West Virginia has the highest homeownership rate, Massachusetts is ranked as the best place to live overall, according to a recent study from WalletHub. Based on five main indicators: affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety, Wallethub determined which states were the “best places to live.”Massachusetts is ranked low in affordability, at 43, but between second and fourth in every category, making it WalletHub’s “best place to live.” Iowa, with the lowest housing costs in the country, is ranked eighth. WalletHub’s top five cities by housing prices were Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Kansas. North Dakota also experienced some of the highest income growth in the country.The highest homeownership rate in the country can be found in West Virginia, along with Maine, Minnesota, Delaware, and Iowa again. West Virginia is also ranked second in overall affordability, behind Alabama.CoreLogic reported that affordability continues to improve across the nation, and home buying power has reached 2017 levels after an 11-month slowdown. Fleming states that the declining mortgage rates and rising income have led to boosted home buying power, overcoming the drag on affordability from rising nominal house prices.Affordability has been on the rise through the first several months of 2019. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) reported that average interest rates on all mortgages fell 24 points from March to 4.20% in April.The FHFA stated home prices rose in every state, but First American’s Real Home Price Index states affordability also increased for the first time since March 2016.“In March, two main components of the RHPI swung in favor of increased affordability – continued strong household income growth and declining mortgage rates,” said First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming. “Nationally, affordability improved on a year-over-year basis for the first time since 2016.”center_img Affordability Home Prices Quality 2019-06-11 Seth Welborn Sharelast_img read more


The Arizona Cardinals 23 start has put their pla

first_img The Arizona Cardinals’ 2-3 start has put their playoff hopes in jeopardy.While the Cardinals are not out of contention in the NFC West, how their quarterback performs will be the key to reach to postseason. Cardinals’ quarterback Carson Palmer was out during last week’s 33-21 game against San Francisco due to the NFL’s concussion protocol.Heading into Monday’s game against the New York Jets, ESPN writer Mike Sando gave his take on the league’s contenders and pretenders and placed Arizona in his “Flawed, but not yet pretenders” category alongside Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer (3) throws against the Houston Texans during the first half of an NFL preseason football game, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016, in Houston. (AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith) Comments   Share   Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Arizona Cardinals (2-3): The Cardinals have the quarterback, running back and pass-rush personnel to factor when it counts. But they’ve suffered enough turnover along the offensive line to call into question whether Carson Palmer can get comfortable and stay on the field. If Palmer remains a question mark, the Cardinals will drop into the pretender category.Palmer has started 22 of the Cardinals’ last 23 games, so concerns about his health might be unfairly called into question. However, his play has dropped off from 2015. Through his first four games this year, Palmer has a QB rating of 81.9, which ranks 24th among 31 qualified NFL quarterbacks.The veteran quarterback will have to take advantage of the Jets (1-4) during in order to continue the salvage operation of their playoff hopes.The Jets rank 22nd in yards allowed per game but rank 31st with 303 passing yards allowed per game. On the flip side, the Jets are first in run defense, allowing just 68.4 yards per game. If Cardinals’ running back David Johnson, who is currently fifth-best in rush yards per game, isn’t able to have a considerable impact on the game, Palmer will have to find a way to get the offense going. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more


Dallas Cowboys defensive end Benson Mayowa rushes

first_imgDallas Cowboys defensive end Benson Mayowa rushes during a preseason NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders on Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman) Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Prior to his tenure with the Cowboys, Mayowa was a reserve for the Oakland Raiders from 2014-15 and entered the league playing in two games as a rookie for the Seattle Seahawks in 2013.In 57 career games and 11 starts, Mayowa has recorded 72 tackles, 9.0 sacks, 12 tackles for loss, three fumble recoveries and two forced fumbles.Dallas released him on March 7.At 6-foot-3 and 265 pounds, Mayowa joins a front seven in Arizona that lost pass rushers Josh Mauro (released) and Kareem Martin (free agency) in the offseason. Veteran free agent tackle Frostee Rucker remains unsigned.The defensive end group for the Cardinals includes Mayowa, Chandler Jones, Markus Golden, Bryson Albright, Praise Martin-Oguike and Moubarak Djeri. 4 Comments   Share   Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Free agent defensive end Benson Mayowa signed a one-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals on Monday, more than a week after he visited the team.The 26-year-old undrafted pass rusher out of Idaho played for the Dallas Cowboys the last two seasons, recording 46 tackles and 7.0 sacks with a forced fumble and fumble recovery over that span. He appeared in 27 regular season games and started eight times for Dallas.In 2016, Mayowa recorded a career-high 6.0 sacks.last_img read more


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