Three points that are often overlooked in Web Operations

this paper is mainly to explain some problems about industrial real estate website operators should avoid, and why I say this one is mainly because the operators do long to produce solid thinking, for many new things to watch old ideas. In this paper, the author will talk about some of the problems encountered in the operation of Jiangxi’s industrial real estate network and how to avoid it afterwards.

industrial real estate network belongs to the real estate category, which is the home life category, but the industrial real estate is different from other types of real estate website. Therefore, in operation has its own characteristics. If using the method of housing rental website general to promote operation of industrial real estate website then it will certainly get even have the opposite effect. Then, what should be paid attention to in the operation of industrial real estate websites? read more


Talk about these five years do network operation of these things

this is an article without any subject or technique. Just say some of their own years of doing network operations in some of the views and insights, there is no logic, basically think of where to say where. It’s the stream of consciousness.

in fact, I can not count on success, nor is it a big cow, I do not have too many Internet operators tips, are some very basic, very simple approach. As I ask everyone in my department, "do simple things, repeat them, repeat things, do certifications, do serious things, do new things."." It’s the most pure generalization of my career and my career over the years. read more


Juvenile webmaster readme all the way to do the station process


I am a sophomore did not start reading (can not teach everyone to learn I ah, I hope everyone can go to college! Ha ha) because the pressure is relatively large, and the failure of learning, so I learn to draw, but that aversion is really serious, and parents explained all they did, no wonder responsibility, oh, this is my best for a rating point of my parents, let the children free to development, the freedom to choose the road of life, can have several


did not read, and I began to plunge madly into the vast network of oceans, and saw a report saying: "XXX opened XXX station, overnight flourishes.". Indeed, this kind of news is a big temptation for me, so I started my dream of webmaster. read more


Factors affecting search engine rankings

is not conducive to search engine rankings there are many factors, and here today, and we talk about the search engine ranking is not conducive to several major factors.

1, invalid links and effective external connection too little: if you are "invalid links, search engines may think that you are not I want to present the user the best", because the user does not have the love of "invalid link. What’s more, you wasted the time of the search engine. Obviously, you have this kind of information, but the result is not. External connection is one of the main factors are the major search engines of a website weight, the number of external connections is equivalent to your website has been the number of votes, if the site votes less, the search engine will think your site is being abandoned by the name, the search engine will give up to you. read more


Circle of friends electricity supplier is not a good business the maintenance costs of friends are

A few articles for a period of time before the media

featuring a girl named Nancy at the same time, the WeChat business circle of friends this topic pushed to the front of the public, many people began wondering how to become the next Nancy, especially some of the struggling Taobao sellers find life-saving straw. What is more the circle of friends to the next Taobao. I prepare to write an article to talk about my views, but considering that time almost irrational everybody was stimulated by the successful case of stir, so now this topic specially cool and we have to come out and say the things. read more


An old webmaster to his own three new problems

A5 has been for a long time did not come, since that is very busy with some important things, busy working, busy today, my website, the website of Nanjian agriculture network has launched more than 3 months, with the old domain name, and in March successfully passed the Ministry of information industry for the record, is not easy to say.

Nanjian agriculture net predecessor, is "drunk every day, and then the" network "primary station network", then "chickabiddy", now is "Nanjian agriculture net", why like this? I have been asking myself, why not do a website, but change in the direction of the time do not understand?. read more


Anhui Telecom e home network development ideas in 2009

Internet for ten years, forums, blogs, email…… Profoundly changed our lives. At the same time, forums, vests, irrigation everywhere; blog broke out in an endless stream; spam popular. We enjoy the convenience of the network at the same time, in the face of massive information is becoming helpless, and sometimes had to rely on the "human flesh search" to identify the authenticity, it can not help but say that is a sad.

in advocating the sharing of the Web2.0 era, we are tired of hypocrisy, the desire for truth, we need the real network of life, the need for reliable friends. The school network has been successful by relying on student relationships, and it has been a miracle for the office workers, colleagues, and colleagues. These are the best examples. And, the Internet regionalization and localization development situation, the urgent need for a platform, we can live around the information, the District moved up. Here, not only can contact friends, share happiness, but also can understand the basic necessities of life, beer and skittles, discounts, promotions and other information, you can see the real evaluation of friends, experts get the relevant recommendations…… read more


Now the chain in the end how to do better

recently posted by K Bibi station, now Sina blog also appears to be right down. So, these big websites in the end what is the reason? This is largely because of the site itself garbage content constantly emerge and stand outside many of the chain in the scope of Baidu blow. So the site is k drop right, then by these large problems, we have to reflect the station deep, now what kind of the chain on the site to be effective? Following on from the small to introduce some of my personal views:

first, the location of the link and the parse word do not have a layer of unchanged read more


Xu Hui the inspiration of the success of one push

today to check the next push to some relevant data, the PR value is 5, ALEXA is ranked 20603, it should be said that a push site can in a short period of one year to this, is very good, should be regarded as a successful web site. So what can we get from the success of a push?.

below, I share my experience from four aspects, and this is the spirit of pushing.

1, free

users on the Internet will never be free and free of charge, while pushing one just introduces some free stuff, such as free promotion training camp, and N promotion tools and data. And all this is just to ask you to send a few posts. read more


Sincerely addressed to the new and old webmaster a letter of condolence

to the old and new owners of a sincere letter: This is my these years of social feelings and think about things, today we wrote, I also wrote their own, regardless of the future, hope that it can to some effect on our life!

It is important to life planning for

, many successful people were like us, are ordinary cannot ordinary people, but they have imagined their own bright future, made a life plan, also hard to achieve, not only allow yourself to become ordinary.

of course, most people still think being an ordinary person can, eat a lot of many in the OK! In fact we are too small, ordinary people have not experienced real life, according to my observation and analysis, the lives of ordinary people are not common, as people say, there is a skeleton in the cupboard and behind every ordinary people have a lot of pressure and helpless, ordinary people actually live very tired! Especially after the society before 2050 will become completely money society, no money, can not say read more