first_imgRelated Posts READWRITE: Well good evening from CES unveiled. Now I love this, I ran into my friends from Sengled. I know Sengled from my job at Thierry Associates and guess what? They’re here at CES unveiled. Tell us about the latest stuff you’re showing here?DANIEL CHENG, SENGLED: Absolutely, so Sengled element bulbs and what these do is [UI] based smart bulb lighting system that lets you control all your lights from your cell phone, your voice, and other platforms such as Icontrol (@IcontrolNtwrks) or Smart Things (@SmartThings).And the best part about these light bulbs is they can sit on a dimmer switch, so they won’t go out, they won’t flicker, and you can actually switch it on and off, as well as dim them, with the wall switch. So that way you can retrofit your entire house with smart lighting without going to an electrician.See also: Sylvania shines light on smart techREADWRITE: So hold on a second, are you telling me that you are not doing a light bulb that changes colors?DANIEL CHENG, SENGLED: No, we found that light bulbs that change colors can use very little, you play with it twice, and it’s done. That’s what we’re focused on, and we’re offering the most price competitive light bulb solutions out there through Sengled lighting.READWRITE: I’m really excited about that because I’ve never really gotten the whole colored bulb thing. And it’s really fun to see Sengled, I knew these guys at Thierry when they had one product and now you’ve got a whole family of products, right?DANIEL CHENG, SENGLED: And we have an audio system where we actually have instant speaker systems. You just screw the speakers in the lightbulbs and sync them automatically to cell phones, TVs, as well as tablets, or any other entertainment system you have. We also have security camera light bulbs and a Wi-Fi repeater.See also: 3 tech developments from smart homes from CESREADWRITE: And what I really like about this is the idea that it’s not really a lightbulb, it’s really a socket, it’s a fitting that everybody has in their house, and you don’t have to reconfigure you don’t need to program. And you can do more with that, now, can’t you?DANIEL CHENG, SENGLED: Yeah, absolutely, and we’re relying on the socket infrastructure because light bulb’s the best place product in the home, anywhere. So when you have a socket, you can have a lighting system, you can have a speaker system, a security system, you can have anything!READWRITE: Excellent, well, it’s so much fun. It’s really good running into Sangled, and we’ll be bringing you more from CES, thanks very much! Tags:#CES2017#Connected Homes#IoT#Sengled#smart home Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Follow the Puck At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we spoke with Sengled’s senior product marketing manager Daniel Cheng on their use of light sockets to power anything from a speaker system to a security system.(1/1) ReadWrite interviewed Sengled’s (@SengledUSA) Daniel Cheng on how the company is making #connectedhomes easier for consumers. #CES2017— ReadWrite (@RWW) January 10, 2017 Trevor Curwin Small Business Cybersecurity Threats and How to… Internet of Things Makes it Easier to Steal You…last_img