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here, I have to mention before speaking to the ranking of the effects of soft power. In addition to the problem of the domain name, then the chain line has increased steadily, a station in addition to a small amount of text link outside, almost every day dozens of hundreds of the chain of the anchor text. At the same time, even a few PR was 7, 8 of the station to do a few days one-way links on the web site? What is the resources, this is why the king of resources?! the resources you have? As for the soft power of the other, in here do not describe. Just a little, enough to show that. read more


Nofollow label use Xiangjie

is now the mainstream search engines support nofollow, love Shanghai, Google, Bing, YAHOO will support nofollow, once the anchor text contains rel= the word "nofollow" attribute, the search engine spiders will crawl the link, and not on the link in the right technology, certainly not included in the anchor link the text.

for example, we need to search engine spiders do not track all links the page above, this is also not on the external links and internal links, just need to this page meta tag inside this line of code can be added:. All links to this page which represents the search engine spiders are not going to crawl (track). read more


How to do the optimization of an enterprise network

today, the development of the network, many enterprises have built their own website, and now the enterprise built website like before, just a simple facade, placed their products to the point of what people know there is indeed such a company, and now is the establishment of enterprises in order to promote their products in the the Internet, directly to the enterprise website to allow customers to search related products, and to promote the effect of the transaction, and we know that the news information enterprise website these limitations, not what information can be released, the product is more, but each push to the site is not easy to see the effect, so how to optimize the enterprise network following it, introduce myself a little bit of experience, convenient communication, wrong place please enlighten. read more


Web page layout for users in Shanghai Dragon

in the right navigation, is a product of the classification, such as:

Remove the

home mediated, and can be seen in the first row of beauty sale and second parent-child sale, third of home sales, fourth tomorrow on several page navigation, so why the navigation to this order, they whether there are some potential rules? To be sure, some rules if I said, beauty needs > parent-child stores > home products; > tomorrow you must be on the line, to my point of view, so the navigation is in accordance with the user demand to sort, to the most user experience. read more


Optimization of search engine optimization based tutorial keywords

(1) what is the keyword

search engine to search engine optimization? 2008 Shanghai summit – Robin Li love Alliance: "every enterprise should have SEM departments".

How to treat the

fact, Shanghai dragon with web technology is the same. The company said that Shanghai Longfeng work illegal, have used part of Shanghai dragon technology. Moreover, almost all the search engine companies in its own published on the website of what kind of website is easy to understand and they are popular, some search engine ranking also left the industry launched a special needle help. read more


Love apartment community and Web2 0 have an inevitable connectionBuy Taobao earn fifty anti trap Wan

Web2.0 in the first half of 2006 investment overheating correction, the second half of both the industry peers or venture capitalists have maintained a cautious and wait-and-see attitude. With the popularization and utilization of the Internet, the demand of the community is continuously improved, and the community innovation will be customer oriented, service oriented, and meet customer needs, which is the goal of innovation. When the new concept is introduced, it will inject new vitality into the market and bring new opportunities and wealth. read more


With the software bugs chain is difficult to do

, forum signature. Forum signature, there is a more controversial topic, some people think that now the signature has less weight, some think it is still a weight, so in the end there is also useful forum signature? I get a new station to carry out experiments, and found that with the operation, you should also believe that it is the first to grab resources, and then verify, re registration, and then released, there is a small general method here, everyone in the software registration after this bug began to set up a signature, although fast, but the quality is not high, the operation is registered after all for a reply, reply content don’t like to search for some short sentences, such as reply after some do not have permission to delete all, then a PR query, the high PR all left to go The signature set, when finished post or topic relevant to the content and signature keywords, as long as the content does not contain ZZ or FZF statements, the general forum will review, you can try. read more


ntroduce several common factors affecting site open speed

includes hardware configuration of the server and client, the same network environment, some dual core server computing ability definitely stronger, there is no doubt that the same network environment, you use a machine Celeron dual core processor and Pentium four computer, open the same page, speed, certainly not the same.


1. machine configuration

The correct configuration of A large number of database operations

web page file size is whether the site can be quickly opened one of the most important factors, we can not determine if the server hardware, I strongly recommend that we start from here, regardless of form or DIV+CSS, optimize the appropriate code, can reduce the size of the page. Try to optimize the code, with a minimum of code, not the whole content contained in a box, in the site to lose weight, let the site speed in an article, I introduced, optimization of the code page. At the same time, a large number of errors and redundant code is one of the slow speed of the site drag. read more


The ten step is to build a personal blog of high qualityPersonal experience talk about the novice T


gorgeous blog, of course, can attract many young friends, but too much effect will inevitably lengthen the opening time of the blog, so many people will lose the open patience. High speed, simple, easy to use, and featured blogs attract most people.

2, a good blog generally has a good domain name and blog name

joined Taobao has been for several months, how many have some understanding of it, the author made a single product Taobao station, website template is used in DEDECMS station system, backstage management is convenient, and the search engine to favor this kind of website structure, included is very good. Space is used abroad, there is no record, because we all know that the domestic space needs filing, very troublesome. read more


How to edit the article let love Shanghai love

editing skills?The title

: The Fourth:

here, you should be how to.

deserves the title of the party, decided not only the title of the party. The title with a long tail keywords content around the best headline, no ground for blame. The best title does not need symbol, if the middle space needs symbols on the line, this is from the A5 submission will know. There is a picture of what the figure. Finally, and most importantly, to love a good title in Shanghai, to see if there is no repeat, not yet written is destined to be the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. read more


Teach you step by step how to do the new Shanghai dragon optimization


railway station, how to choose the domain name? Here to tell you a few points need to pay attention to the choice of Name:

everyone in the new requirements, the server space is to be stable, otherwise, when the love of spiders in Shanghai visit your website, there isn’t open phenomenon, it is not friendly to love Shanghai, love Shanghai nature will not pay attention to your site.

when you see the title of this article, you will probably understand this article is in the service of Shanghai dragon for the novice, veteran, a new station on the line how to do the optimization without me! Let’s get to the point, if I am wrong, please point it out. Share the progress of read more


Small talk about love Shanghai on line refused outside the chain of tools beta version for the pros

began when the search engine optimization dragon and Shanghai, almost all of the Shanghai dragon Er think a lot of the chain to your site in the search engine rankings is the most beneficial, is the fastest. But at that time we are not considered all of these is the chain is effective, high quality. We have not considered these chain is likely to bring some negative effects on our website. When the Shanghai time as a mature technology of dragon and Phoenix are gradually optimized, we begin to realize this problem. But this time is too late, because we have put the chain all out, no chance to change. read more


Shanghai dragon is the key point to optimize the content of the construction of the assessment perio

second, original content oriented analysis. The Internet search engine marketing is an invisible war, in this war, every good website can talent shows itself in the search engine, we use the most stupid way of understanding, is certainly the best quality of the website will be preferred, be stationmaster of a lot of black hat using black cap means also want to win the results, I think this is not within the scope of this article, what kind of site will be recommended? Undoubtedly, valuable and high quality website first, value and quality, the best way is to reflect the differences in the quality of your content, and more obvious, or is the peer some worthless liushuizhang like articles, actually this is the embodiment of high value content, because the original content is the one and only, is the new view, is full of reading price > read more


Reflection on the site was K reason analysis and improvement method

believes there are many peers as I have above experience it, after a painful experience, I have a new understanding of Shanghai dragon, not deliberately put the first keyword ranking on the target, but more attention to a website user experience itself effective degree. Only down-to-earth, not opportunistic, can guarantee the website ranking stable, reduce the number of K. After my careful analysis, can be analyzed from the following aspects.


site is K is a lot more headaches, good not to do up the rankings, in an instant all disappeared, let a person really is very sad. So what is the relationship between K and website, those factors? I think that the site is K and the extension staff opportunistic, there is a certain relationship. Please see the article for your introduction. read more


Shanghai Longfeng optimization of five common misunderstandings


website optimization description

in the description that a lot of stationmaster also looks love stack keywords, help to improve the weight of the website, but it is in fact very affect the weight of the website, and even lead to K, usually the description of the website, we need a coherent statement, but in this statement which add a keyword it would be better, don’t get unfluent

you should know the title of the site is very important, but many people do in the beginning because positioning is not pay attention to the content, resulting in the title of the site to change, this is the Shanghai dragon optimization is very unfavorable, usually the title of the site to have the main keywords website operations, but also to add on the long tail keywords appropriate, this helps to improve the weight of a web page, and those who often change the site title, may eventually lead to the site by K, so you cannot optimize the website that is all-match read more


Taobao customer master necessary 14 WordPress plugin

fourth plugin: simple tags

is a classic tag plugin, which can automatically generate keywords. In order to increase included, included more, will naturally get more traffic from search engines.

fifth: DAGO design sitemap generator

plugin: noble baby

users love Shanghai is the search engine, because the noble baby XML sitempas just for the foreign search engine Sitemaps, so we must also install the Baidu Sitemap plugin Generator, so as to have the benefit for love in Shanghai.

all in one first plugin: Shanghai dragon read more


Shanghai dragon core optimization the user experience and how Shanghai Longfeng integration optimiza

Although the

then is Shanghai dragon Optimization: we know that the website design Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology will also design the main site code is simple, not too much to love, not practical JS script, but do not want to ah ah what practical picture, animation, if the page if the main text, the search engine is more affected by love in addition, in terms of content, as far as possible the related website keywords in the content inside, while the content to the user help, the best is original, it is not false original is acceptable; it also needs inside and outside the chain chain site must have internal chain optimization, do not have the dead links don’t be too complex, the chain is the more the better, The more, the better. read more


Promote the keywords ranking Tittle and breadcrumb navigation operation

breadcrumb navigation can not only improve the user experience, inform the user where to come in, can also return to the breadcrumb navigation, but also can be used to improve keyword ranking. In fact, there is a column with bread crumbs, complement each other, because we are using the most breadcrumbs keywords column called keywords. For example: A5 station to see

presented here is mainly aimed at the core keywords ranking operation. On the importance of tittle we many people say not obvious to people, easily change the tittle, but I did know tittle experimental changes necessary to grasp a degree, not only let the keywords ranking drop, instead of using lifting. But here we discuss how to express the core keywords tittle instead of how to change the tittle without being punished. I want to know some following many methods all 00 spread, the author only uses an example to sum up: read more


Shanghai dragon is the user experience of website optimization tips

, a unified user experience and search engine is born


three, around the user experience to improve search engine friendly approach

in fact, many of the Shanghai dragon simply is defined as the search engine for the existence and development of a friend and ignore a problem, that is the search engine has the function and significance of the birth itself is to help users find information in Internet users want the vast ocean of information, from this technically it is itself in order to enhance the user experience and the existence and development, so it and user experience are uniform in nature, their relationship is not only not contradictory, but has strong generality, worthy of our website optimization in Shanghai Longfeng actively use this relationship to promote the process of. read more


Talk about the traditional nternet business transformation needs to learn from the experience of th

Internet thinking is a broad concept, this concept is not fine, for example, but evolving, the earliest Taobao website, but is a secondary trading site, but Ma free shop idea will not only international competition opponent, thus creating a powerful Ali empire. Millet mobile phone with hunger marketing strategy, "opened up the custom outlet, so millet has become one of the most famous mobile phone company, but now it is free shop or hunger marketing, in the Internet is not what happens to

? read more

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