Oliver Stone to interview Edward Snowden in live Cineplex preview

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment TORONTO – Oliver Stone is offering up a sneak peak at his biographical political thriller “Snowden.”Canadians in select cities will get a chance to preview the film two days before its release Sept. 16. Facebook The screening will be followed by a live interview between Stone and whistleblower Edward Snowden, with the Oscar-winning filmmaker speaking from New York and Snowden appearing via satellite from Moscow. Login/Register With: Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more


King Mohammed VI Reiterates Morocco’s Decision to Return to African Union

Tetouan – The decision of Morocco to return to its African institutional family does not mean that the Kingdom will relinquish its legitimate rights on its Sahara, King Mohammed VI said in a speech to the Nation, on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the Throne Day.The decision of Morocco to return to its African institutional family does not mean that the Kingdom will relinquish its legitimate rights, nor recognize a pseudo entity lacking the basic elements of sovereignty which was imposed on the African Union, in flagrant violation of the latter’s charter, the King noted.The Sovereign underlined that Morocco’s return to “its natural place reflects our keenness to continue defending our interests from within the African Union and to enhance cooperation with our partners, at the bilateral and regional levels.” This return will also open up new prospects for Morocco, mainly in East and Equatorial Africa, and consolidate the country’s position as a player with regard to the continent’s security, stability, human development and solidarity, the King said.The Moroccan monarch took this opportunity to thank all African sister nations for supporting Morocco in defending its territorial unity and for responding positively to its decision to return to its institutional family, “particularly leaders of the 28 states which have signed the statement, as well as those who have contributed to the initiative.”The King also expressed His gratitude and esteem to the Republic of Rwanda, which hosted the summit, and to its president, His Excellency Mr. Paul Kagamé, for their support and collaboration.In another vein, the King noted that in addition to being open to major economic and political spaces, such as Russia, China and India, “we remain committed to consolidating our strategic partnership with our French and Spanish allies.”“We also work with the European Union to develop our traditional partnership on solid bases,” the King added.“This diversification of partnerships is based on mutual esteem and the commitment to boost win-win cooperation, as illustrated by the strategic agreements signed in vital sectors, such as energy, infrastructure, agriculture, the fight against terrorism, military cooperation, etc,” the King noted.Morocco is a key partner in the fight against terrorism, both at the level of security cooperation, with a number of sister and friendly nations, and through its unique approach to managing the country’s religious affairs, he said. “This position allowed Morocco to co-chair, with the Netherlands, the Global Counterterrorism Forum.”“Our country is also actively involved in international efforts to fight climate change and, in November, is hosting the 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,” the Sovereign added.As a major player in triangular cooperation, Morocco has also placed development issues, particularly in Africa, at the top of its political agenda, the King stressed.With MAP read more


CAF to Launch New Tournament, ‘African League of Nations’

Rabat –The Confederation of African Football  (CAF) will launch the “African League of Nations” tournament on December 28 in Cairo.The competition will have four divisions. The first division, to which Morocco belongs, has 12 teams, and the other three have eight teams.An African Super Cup will take place between the champion of both the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) and the African League of Nations. The matches of the new African tournament will be held for two years after CAN 2019, starting in August 2019. The tournament will come on the heels of CAN 2019, which will be played June 15 to July 13.Read Also: CAF Awards 2018: Shortlist Features 2 Moroccan Footballers, Herve RenardThe 36 African nations to compete in the League of Nations and their divisions are as follows:Division ASenegal – Tunisia – DR Congo – Ghana – Cameroon – Nigeria – Burkina Faso – Mali – Cape Verde – Egypt – Algeria – MoroccoDivision BCôte d’Ivoire – Guinea – South Africa – Zambia – Uganda – Congo – Gabon – BeninDivision CAngola – Guinea Bissau – Madagascar – Mauritania – Niger – Togo – Zimbabwe – KenyaDivision DTanzania – Comoros – Seychelles – Libya – Malawi – Ethiopia – Liberia – Sierra Leone read more


Condoleezza Rice Joins College Football Playoff Committee

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is one of nine people expected to be part of the selection committee for the College Football Playoff that begins in 2014.George Schreeder of USA Today Sports wrote: “A person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the committee has not been announced, also confirmed the following members: Wisconsin athletics director Barry Alvarez, USC athletics director Pat Haden, Arkansas athletics director Jeff Long, West Virginia athletics director Oliver Luck and Clemson athletics director Dan Radakovich, in addition to Rice, former Ole Miss and NFL quarterback Archie Manning, former NCAA Executive Vice President Tom Jernstedt and former Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese all to be selections.”Apparently Rice’s appeal came from her diverse background, she holds degrees from the University of Denver and Notre Dame, and is currently a professor of political science at Stanford. She served as national security advisor from 2001-05 and secretary of state from 2005-09.Rice and the others are expected to be charged with weighing in on head-to-head competitions, comparable opponents, conference championships and how key injuries might influence a team’s performance.“It’s an all-star cast,” the source boasted.This information was supposed to be kept confidential until an official announcement was made, but obviously that didn’t happen. read more


What If Tom Brady Missed Four Games Every Year

201411 201325Bye 200711 200644 20093T4Possible playoffs 201111 This one looks a lot worse. If you took one win away from every Pats team since 2001, not only could they have missed the playoffs two more times (depending on whom they lost to), but they would also lose a playoff bye at least twice and possibly four times, again depending on which game they lost and by how much. It’s also probably worth noting that the 2008 Patriots, who had Brady for less than one quarter of one game, would have been a No. 3 seed if they could have squeezed out one more win, or even been a bye team if they managed two more wins. Instead, they missed the playoffs.More importantly, losing one more game would have had negative effects on New England’s playoff position in three of its four Super Bowl-winning years. And that’s why four games of Brady might be even more valuable than the draft pick — to the Patriots. For most teams, a first-round draft pick is probably worth more than a single win. But if that one win is crucial to your Super Bowl chances, you take it. 200422 20031T1Possible home adv. 20012T4Bye 20132T2Possible bye 2002outout YEARSEEDSEED W/ ONE FEWER WIN IN FIRST FOUR GAMESCOST 2008outout 20054T4Possible playoffs But that version of this examination is probably too granular. In the Patriots’ four games without Brady, there are only so many outcomes — they can only win zero, one, two, three or four games with or without Brady. While technically every swing has some probability (they might have won zero games with Brady but now win four games without him), the most likely effect is that the Patriots drop zero or one games — that’s the outcome the 7-point estimate produced in 10 of the 12 years in which Brady played in all of the season’s first four games. That is, if they would have gone 3-1 with Brady, without him they’d probably stay at 3-1 or drop to 2-2. Now let’s focus on the most likely negative scenario. What would happen if we just took one teensy-tiny win away each season? 201011 2008outout 201223Bye 2002outout 201011 20111T1Possible home adv. Tom Brady, Super Bowl MVP; Tom Brady, NFL icon; Tom Brady, scofflaw. The Deflategate punishments have been handed down by the league office, and the official report on the incident refused to speculate about whether the New England Patriots got any advantage from their deflated balls, saying: “It is impossible to determine whether this activity had an effect on the outcome of games or what that effect was.” But suspending Brady (and taking away draft picks) is almost sure to have an effect.The Patriots owe the league $1 million, one first-round draft pick in 2016, and one fourth-round draft pick in 2017. All of that for “violation of the playing rules and the failure to cooperate in the subsequent investigation.” Meanwhile, for “conduct detrimental to the integrity of the NFL,” Tom Brady — the Patriots’ reasonably well-known quarterback — received a 4-game suspension, which he is planning to appeal.The best spin on this news for Patriots fans is that Brady’s value is relatively unknown. While he has a history of great accomplishments and stats, QB success is much more of a team accomplishment than an individual one. Unlike certain other quarterbacks who have played for multiple teams and multiple coaches, Brady has only played for Bill Belichick’s Patriots. We don’t know if the Patriots would collapse without him — the one season where he missed significant time (in 2008), the Patriots went 11-5 with Matt Cassel under center.1I certainly look forward to some empirically significant games next year if Brady’s appeal fails. The Patriots’ backup quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, actually had a higher passer rating than Brady last year, though he only had 27 attempts and was sacked five times.But while I don’t know what Brady is really worth, I can lay out a couple of estimates and see what the effects of his suspension might be. Let’s use history as our guide and look at the past 14 years to see what might have happened had Brady been forced to sit the first four games of each season.While I’m not always in love with how Vegas values QBs, it’s a decent place to start: According to RJ Bell of Pregame.com, the betting line in the Patriots opener against the Steelers has shifted by about 5 points, though Bell claims gamblers usually consider Brady’s value to be closer to 7 points. So for this first test, I took each game that Brady played for the Patriots in the first four team games of each season and took away 6.5 points. In other words, if the Patriots won by 7 or more, I assumed that they would have won even without Brady, while if they won by 6 or less I counted it as a loss (if he didn’t play, I left the result as is). I then re-jiggered the playoff standings to see how the Patriots’ new record would have affected their playoff position each season. This recalculation cost the Pats eight wins since 2001, knocked them out of the playoffs in 2005 and 2009, and cost them a first-round bye in 2013.2Assuming everything else had played out the same — which is unlikely, but counterfactuals are pretty much always just mind candy. However, it also leaves all of their Super Bowl-winning seasons unscathed: 20054outPlayoffs 20093outPlayoffs YEARSEEDSEED W/ BRADY OUT FIRST FOUR GAMESCOST 200644 20141T2Possible bye 200422 200711 201222 200122 200311 read more


Les Egyptiens momifiaient aussi la viande pour nourrir les défunts

first_imgLes Egyptiens momifiaient aussi la viande pour nourrir les défuntsPour que leurs morts puissent se nourrir dans l’au-delà, les Égyptiens momifiaient autrefois des morceaux de viande. Des chercheurs de l’Université de Bristol viennent de mettre en évidence le protocole et les ingrédients nécessaires pour réaliser cette pratique. Momifier un défunt dans les règles de l’art édictées par la culture d’Egypte antique est un sacré labeur ! Tout d’abord, il faut s’assurer que les organes du trépassé aient été soigneusement retirés. Ensuite il convient de traiter le corps avec un mélange d’onguents bien particulier avant de procéder à la mise en place des bandelettes. Après quoi vient la mise en tombeau, celui-ci ayant été préalablement rempli de richesses et d’animaux de compagnie momifiés. Au sein de ce lieu luxueusement meublé, le défunt pourra finalement profiter pleinement de sa vie après la mort. Seulement une question se pose : comment réussira-t-il à se nourrir pour le reste de son éternité ? 
Il existe bien évidemment une solution à cette problématique quelque peu rudimentaire. A l’époque, les Egyptiens faisaient sécher des fruits et des céréales. Par ailleurs, les sépultures contenaient généralement de la viande momifiée afin que ceux de l’au-delà puissent profiter d’un éternel apport en protéines. De nombreux morceaux ont été retrouvés dans des tombeaux égyptiens, le plus vieux remonte à 3300 ans avant J.C. Cette tradition particulièrement étendue a même profité au célèbre pharaon Toutankhamon. En effet, 48 filets de bœufs et de volaille momifiés ont été retrouvés au sein de son lieu de sépulture.Une momification particulière Pour traverser les âges, les denrées animales étaient parfois traitées avec de la graisse, de la résine et de la cire d’abeille. Ces ingrédients ont été dévoilés pour la première fois par des chercheurs de l’Université de Bristol. Le protocole de cette momification bien spécifique a fait l’objet d’une étude publiée dans la revue Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Pour parvenir à dévoiler les secrets du processus de conservation, les scientifiques ont analysé avec des techniques de spectrométrie de masse, des échantillons de bandelettes prélevés sur quatre morceaux de viande momifiés. Un premier de bœuf, estimé entre 1386 et 1349 avant J.C, un second de veau daté entre 1064 et 948 avant JC, et les deux autres de chèvre et de canard momifiés en 1290 avant J.C.Une recette raffinée pour le boeuf À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?

Les résultats indiquent la présence de composés dérivés de graisses animales sur les bandelettes externes entourant la viande de veau. Ces composés étaient surement contenus autrefois dans un onguent. Des substances similaires ont été relevées sur les bandelettes de la viande de chèvre momifiée. Le canard quant à lui ne semble pas avoir été soumis à ce genre de traitement. Quant à la recette de momification la plus raffinée, elle est détenue par la viande de bœuf qui présente non seulement de la graisse animale, mais également de la cire d’abeille et de la résine de pistachier lentisque, une substance considérée comme un produit de luxe dans l’Egypte Antique. (Crédit photo : PNAS) Le 24 novembre 2013 à 16:45 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more


Facebook Starts Testing TinderEsque Service

first_imgStay on target Facebook is continuing its push to be the absolute center of our collective social lives with a new initiative to incorporate a Tinder-esque service into its messenger app. Geek.com sister site, AskMen notes that you can already pay your friends back, order pizzas, and, of course, send bomb-ass vaporwave-themed gifs via Messenger. Why not skip a few steps and go Dutch on a pizza while listening to vaporwave with someone you found in the app?Reporting for Motherboard, Jacob Dubé says that he noticed a new feature that seemed like it was setting him up with some of his friends. Obviously, not everyone on Messenger (which, sometimes seems like EVERYONE) would be down for propositions, so Facebook only proceeds if everyone opts-in.“When I opened the link,” Dubé writes, “I was taken to a page with photos of my Facebook friends and a question: ‘Want to meet up with [name redacted] this week?’ It indicated that my response would be private unless we both said yes. Tap ‘No Thanks,’ and that’s the end of it.”The option isn’t currently available for most people, and it’s only in Beta for now. According to a statement from Facebook: People often use Facebook to make plans with their friends. So, we’re running a very small test in the Facebook app to make that easier. We look forward to hearing people’s feedback.”For now, the service is only live in parts of Toronto and New Zealand (odd choices, but alright), and it’s also meant to be a bit more than just another hook-up app. The intention, it seems, is to connect possible romantic interests as well as friends who are just looking to hangout in-person. If so, then this could simply be the latest iteration of a family of location-based Facebook features the tech giant’s been toying with for a while. Some may recall the “meet-ups” feature from a couple of years back that would let friends know if you were nearby and might be down to join up for some shenanigans.I dunno about you, but I’d be totally down for a “Tinder but for friends you already know.” Social planning can be tough, and sometimes I just want to see if who is around. It’s hard to plan spur-of-the-moment things with some, so this could easily bridge that gap and help smooth out my social calendar. What about you? Any interest in something like this?Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. New Tinder Alert Protects LGBTQ Users in Hostile NationsNew Tinder Feature Sparks Summer Music Fest Lovin’ last_img read more


Siren Has a Wonderfully Strange Atmosphere but the Storys a Slog

first_imgStay on target Best Trailers from NYCC 2018’Doctor Who’ Underrated Villain of the Week: The Siren Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img There’s so much to like about Freeform’s new supernatural mystery show, Siren. It’s take on mermaids is new, unique and very cool. Whenever they’re on screen, the show gets ten times better. Then there’s the vaguely unsettling, otherworldly atmosphere its setting. It feels like both a real place in the Pacific Northwest and an anachronistic fantasy setting. It’s a well-done take on the “small town with a secret” concept, never laying the strangeness on too thick. It feels like an authentic, lived-in Northwest coastal town, even if the actors can’t always decide what accent Washingtonians should have. (Seriously though, why does the richest family, who’ve been there for generations, sound like they’re from New England?)Then there are the mermaids, easily the best part of this show. Almost all of last night’s two-hour premiere focused on establishing exactly what kind of creatures these are. They’re not friendly, their songs don’t sound like Alan Menken and they have no interest in being part of our world. The end of the first hour and beginning of the second makes it clear that these are predators. If you go in their water, their instinct is to eat you. These are the mermaids of old legends. The ones who would lure sailors into rocks with their Siren songs. We’re shown early on how effective their songs are. When the main character Ben rescues a strange naked girl who walks into the road, she sings an eerie tune. From that point on, he can’t get her out of her head. He’s unnaturally determined to find and help her.Alex Roe, Eline Powell (Photo via ABC)They look amazing in mermaid form too. The special effects on this show are fantastic, perfectly living up to the brilliant creature design. These mermaids look like monsters. They’re scary, their fierce and the actresses who play them both have eyes the pierce into you. Even though the script can’t quite get you to suspend your disbelief, these creatures do all the heavy lifting. They’re the ones who make you believe. Whoever did the creature design on this show found a surreal balance between horror and beauty. In their fish form, they move with a grace and speed that’s as mesmerizing as it is scary. Everything about their look conveys power and danger, but at the same time, you’re struck by the color and intricate designs of their form. The way they transform is some unsettling body horror you don’t normally expect from Freeform. And still, the end result makes you believe that sailors would maroon themselves for these creatures.I really can’t say enough good things about the production design of this show. Even the direction tells you exactly what kind of creatures these are when they’re on screen. Suddenly, the show starts to feel like a horror movie. When Ben dives into the water to search for the main mermaid, Ryn, she’s no longer the small, big-eyed girl he’s known. She’s a fierce creature of the deep. Suddenly, the scene is shot less like a TV drama and more like a creature feature. In these scenes, you can see something really great and weird buried in this show.And yet. When I say buried, I mean buried. There’s a lot of cool stuff in this show, but it’s all completely let down by its story. It starts out promising enough. A fishing boat captures a strange creature that gives one of the crew members a bad bite. The captain calls for help, and some unnamed military organization shows up, takes the bite victim and the creature, and disappears into the night. We’re introduced to the setting, a small tourist town basically owned by the descendants of the founder. They sell a story of a sailor falling in love with a mermaid, then never seeing her again. One of the sons of the family has estranged himself, preferring to save local wildlife rather than perpetuate a squeaky clean image for the towns tourism industry. It’s not a bad premise. The premise has promise. The problem lies in the execution.Rena Owen, Alex Roe, Fola Evans-Akingbola (Photo by Eike Schroter, via Freeform)Two hours later, that’s still basically where we are. The plot moves along so slowly; you start longing for something, anything to happen. It’s biggest developments are telegraphed so far ahead, they barely register as reveals. Oh, the founder actually slaughtered all the mermaids, rather than falling in love? Who could have guessed? The two hours are so awkwardly paced it becomes hard to tell exactly when these scenes are happening or how much time has passed. Was Ben’s girlfriend trying to call him before he got on the boat or after? Did he know she was trying to call or did he find out later? Why does Ryn do her creepy snap-awake thing in the woods in early daylight, but when we cut back to the fishing boat, it’s nighttime? These are just the things that would have been easy to fix.The bigger problem is that once the cool premise is established, these episodes don’t have anywhere to take it. So we have a bunch of characters running around, chasing after one thing or another. Find the mermaid, she runs away. Find her again, she sticks around for a bit. Find the government tracking device, it gets taken. Find it again, get it back. All the while, argue about who knows what and who should have been told what. The line “you gold her/him?” is repeated so many times over these two hours that I started audibly groaning every time someone said it. Each time, I knew it would lead to more precious minutes of screen time being wasted justifying why this new person is cool. It’s that pattern played out over and over again, thankfully broken up by those really cool scary mermaid moments. But only like two and a half per hour.Eline Powell (Photo via Freeform)The bad guys are also really not sticking for me at this point. It’s a military conspiracy to capture mermaids for… reasons. We’re not told what branch of the military, what operation, what team, nothing. They’re just “The Military.” It just feels weak. It’s one step above telling me your big bad guy is The Man. The scenes we’re shown in the military base don’t really tell us much at all. Nor do they really go anywhere. They’re taking samples of the mermaid and keeping the bite victim sedated because… because. What could be good, scary mystery-building scenes are rendered dull and pointless because so little actually happens in them. At the very end, we see one of the scientists start to fall under the captured mermaid’s spell. That’s the one part of all this that could be interesting. In future episodes, I mean, because it certainly isn’t going anywhere right now.Siren is the coolest, most original show I’ve ever been this bored by. It has fantastic ideas, mesmerizing direction and production design, and beautiful creature effects. It provides us with a cool and interesting world you really want to spend more time in. Until you do. Then, you see how slow things move in it. How little the story advances in two hours. The setting and atmosphere are interesting and weird enough, that I can totally see this turning into something great. But first, it has to figure out what story it’s trying to tell and tell it faster.last_img read more


Torreira explains the why of his success

first_imgThe Uruguay international footballer is having the time of his life with Arsenal in the English Premier League.Defensive midfielder Lucas Torreira joined Arsenal this summer, after playing with Sampdoria in the Italian Lega A.And the 22-year-old is feeling really well in the English Premier League.“I think the most important thing for me is hard work and that day-to-day learning,” he said to the club’s official website.“I’m part of a squad that has got some stars within it, people who have achieved a lot throughout their entire careers.”Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“I’m very young but I’m obviously within that squad and able to learn as a result of that. For me, I’m the kind of person who really likes to work hard,” he added.“I like dedicating a lot of time to what I love most, which is football. Then when I’m on the pitch, I try to give 100 percent and try to help the team in various aspects.”“I’m really motivated to be a part of this team and I want to continue growing as part of this squad, which I think is a very good one,” he commented.“It’s incredible really to be able to be in the same squad as a player like Mesut Ozil and obviously other players too, players that have achieved a lot and have great quality. It makes me proud.”last_img read more


ASA Announces Top Recruiters and State Associations for 2014

first_imgCORRECTION In the Oct. 9 issue of ASA’s Weekly Leader Letter, a story incorrectly announced the State Level 1 top recruiters for the 2014 membership year, with Jeff Sollars in second place and John Simon in third. Correction: Doug Toreen (MN) is second with 60 members recruited and Jeff Sollars is third with 57 recruits. ASA apologizes for the error and congratulates all of the recruiters on their hard work and dedication to building ASA membership.: ASA thanks and congratulates member recruiters for another outstanding year! Membership for 2014 held steady at 22,265 active members.“ASA appreciates all of the efforts of our recruiters and state associations in telling ASA’s story and engaging soybean producers,” said Bob Worth, ASA Membership and Corporate Relations Committee Chairman, “We look forward building on our past successes and even stronger membership in 2015.”Our top recruiters for 2014, three from Level 1 (1,000 + members), three from Level 2, (300 to 999 members), and three from Level 3 (50 to 299 members) were the drivers that helped ASA cap off a good year.Robert Nelsen (Minnesota) earned top recruiter for Level 1 with 156 members recruited. Robert was also the top recruiter for Level 1 in 2013. Doug Toreen (Minnesota) is second with 60 members. Jeff Sollars (Ohio) placed third with 57 members recruited.Marvin Wahl (Kansas) earned the top recruiter for Level 2 for recruiting 135 members. This is also Marvin’s second year as top recruiter for his division. Jerome Schmitz (South Dakota) placed second with 106 members recruited and Harvey Morken (North Dakota) placed third with 73 members recruited.Tommy Hines (Virginia) earned the top spot for Level 3 with 113 members recruited. Hines is a six-time winning recruiter for Level 3 (2009 – 2014). Tommy has recruited more than 315 during this time. Todd Dumond (New York) and James Robertson (Mississippi) tied with 15 members recruited.ASA also is excited to announce that North Dakota is a dual winner of the State Association Award. North Dakota was the state with the highest overall membership growth with a 179 member increase and the state with the highest overall percentage increase with a 26 percent increase.Nelsen, Wahl and Hines, along with a representative from North Dakota will be honored at the ASA Awards Banquet during Commodity Classic in Phoenix, Ariz. on Friday, Feb. 27, 2015.last_img read more


Top 10 most read stories 28 November 2017

first_imgThe top 10 most read stories on www.employeebenefits.co.uk between 2 and 8 November 2017 were:Deliveroo to face legal action over holiday pay and minimum wageAsda adds evouchers to recognition schemeLiving wage rate increases by up to 4.6%35% of employers implement financial support as a global wellbeing initiativeMichael Jackson is named 2017’s highest-paid dead celebrityMitie Cleaning and Environmental Services agrees pay deal for 200 staffGoogle and Nokia recognised for employee share schemesHeathrow Airport gains living wage accreditationAer Lingus employees vote in favour of 8.5% pay risePiala introduces paid leave for non-smokerslast_img read more


What Are Town Boards Committees Talking About Week of December 16 2018

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — According to the Wilmington Town Clerk’s calendar, below are the town and school board, committee and commission meeting scheduled for the week of Sunday, December 16, 2018.Sunday, December 16No MeetingsMonday, December 17The Wilmington Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) meets at 6:30pm in the High School Library. Read the agenda HERE.Tuesday, December 18The Wilmington Community Development Technical Review Team meets at 9:30am in Town Hall’s Room 9. Read the agenda HERE.The Wilmington Board of Health meets at 5:30pm in Town Hall’s Room 9. Read the agenda HERE.The Wilmington Finance Committee meets at 7pm in Town Hall’s Room 9. Read the agenda HERE.The Wilmington Board of Library Trustees meets at 7pm in the Library’s Banda Room. Read the agenda HERE.The Shawsheen Tech School Committee meets at 7:30pm in the John P. Miller School Committee Room at the Tech. Read the agenda HERE.Wednesday, December 19No MeetingsThursday, December 20No MeetingsFriday, December 21No MeetingsSaturday, December 22No MeetingsAll meetings are open to the public unless noted.(NOTE: While unlikely, it is possible additional meetings could be added to this week’s calendar on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  It’s best to check the Town Clerk’s calendar mid-week.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Thank You To Our Sponsor:Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWhat Are Town Boards & Committees Talking About? (Week of August 25, 2019)In “Government”What’s Happening At Town Meetings This Week? (Week of September 8, 2019)In “Government”What Are Town Boards & Committees Talking About? (Week of June 23, 2019)In “Government”last_img read more


Fiji Water calls Golden Globes models lawsuit frivolous

first_img 1 More on Fiji Water Girl The relationship between Fiji Water and the woman who helped the drink become the top meme of January’s Golden Globe Awards seems to be drying up.E! News reported that it’s obtained court documents files in Los Angeles showing that model Kelleth Cuthbert is suing the brand for unauthorized use of her photograph, likeness and identity.According to documents cited by E!, Cuthbert says she didn’t authorize the company to use cardboard cutouts of her image, among other claims. A photo circulated in January showing singer John Legend leaving a Beverly Hills, California, grocery store with one of those Cuthbert cutouts right behind him. A representative for Cuthbert did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but Fiji Water issued a statement about the legal action.”This lawsuit is frivolous and entirely without merit,” the statement reads. “After the Golden Globes social media moment, we negotiated a generous agreement with Ms. Cuthbert that she blatantly violated. We are confident that we will prevail in court. Throughout our history, we have had a sterling reputation working with talent.Cuthbert was one of four women hired to hand out water to celebrities at the awards show, but of the four, she was the one who made headlines, showing up in the background of numerous red-carpet photos. Social media users dubbed her “Fiji Water Girl” and shared her image, often with funny captions. I am literally going to photoshop the Fiji Water girl into every picture I take from now on #GoldenGlobes #Fijiwatergirl pic.twitter.com/QaNaFGB2TJ— Paul Maddock (@Lgbt_lawyer) January 7, 2019 Comment Fiji Water Girl: ‘I’ve been photobombing since I was a kid’ Fiji Girl makes meme splash with Golden Globes photobombs Cuthbert chatted with me after the awards about her newfound fame, noting that she’s “been photobombing since I was a kid,” and joking that had she known viral fame awaited, she would’ve spent more time on her appearance. Share your voice Tags TV and Movieslast_img read more


Instagram bans ad partner for improperly collecting user data

first_imgInstagram banned an ad partner for scraping users’ publicly available information, in violation of its rules. Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images Instagram has kicked a marketing startup off its platform after determining it improperly collected user data. The Facebook-owned social network took the action on Hyp3r after finding the startup scraped public data such as users’ physical locations, profile information and photos to serve better targeted ads.Instagram sent a cease-and-desist letter to the San Francisco-based company on Wednesday after learning of the activity from Business Insider, which reported on the data collection earlier. Information collected by Hyp3r included data stored in Instagram Stories, content designed to disappear after 24 hours and not available through the company’s API.”Hyp3r’s actions were not sanctioned and violate our policies,” an Instagram spokesperson said. “As a result, we’ve removed them from our platform. We’ve also made a product change that should help prevent other companies from scraping public location pages in this way.”Instagram-owner Facebook has been under scrutiny since the revelation last year that consultancy Cambridge Analytica had misused Facebook user data in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election. Since then, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has testified in front of Congress and the European Parliament to answer questions about Facebook’s handling of user data.Hyp3r didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment and denied breaking Instagram’s rules to Business Insider. “Hyp3r is, and has always been, a company that enables authentic, delightful marketing that is compliant with consumer privacy regulations and social network Terms of Services,” Hyp3r CEO Carlos Garcia said in an email. “We do not view any content or information that cannot be accessed publicly by everyone online.” A portion of what Hyp3r is scraping comes from Instagram’s Location pages, which highlight images from public accounts that have been geo-tagged. This data was formerly visible to anyone, regardless of whether they are logged into an Instagram account.A recently implemented fix cuts off access to this information if a user isn’t logged into their Instagram account. This new restriction will apply to all companies. Internet Services Share your voice 0 Tags Post a comment Privacy Facebook Instagramlast_img read more


Parnell to Walker Use Guard Bureau Reform Recommendations

first_imgDownload AudioGovernor Sean Parnell has just a few more days on the job. Governor-elect Bill Walker will be inaugurated during a ceremony in Juneau at 11:30 on Monday morning.Parnell has been Alaska’s governor a little over five years. He was sworn into office on July 26, 2009, after Sarah Palin resigned earlier that month. Parnell says he doesn’t know what’s next for him, but he expects to keep working on the issues his administration prioritized.“Whether it’s resources and energy, whether it’s domestic violence, public safety arena,” he said. “You’ll likely see me continue to engage in those areas. Those reflect my heart and my passion for Alaska and I’ll look for ways to continue that service.”Parnell lost to Walker in a close race – the candidates were separated by about 6,000 votes. But he says he doesn’t want to look back and consider what might have cost him the election.This year, Parnell spent a lot of time defending the actions he took to address the sexual assault scandal in the Alaska National Guard. Parnell says he’s spoken to Governor-elect Bill Walker and urged him to use the National Guard Bureau recommendations for reform as his roadmap forward on the issue:“If what has been learned is just allowed to rest and we let the cover come back over it all that doesn’t help anybody,” he said. “So this is one of those key areas that requires immediate attention and that’s exactly what I’ve communicated to the governor elect.”Parnell says in the short term he’s looking forward to spending time with his first grandchild, a boy named Rowan, who was born on November 18th.“When the world goes upside down and inside out all you have to do is hold a newborn and everything is made aright,” he said. “And that’s been my experience. It just puts life back into perspective and makes you thankful.. and that’s really how I leave office, that’s how Sandy leaves as first lady is we are so thankful for the opportunity to have served.”Parnell says he doesn’t have any words of advice for Walker but he wishes him the best as he takes over the governor’s office.last_img read more


Six promoted as secretary

first_img.In a latest development, the government has promoted six acting secretaries to the rank of secretary.The public administration ministry issued a notification in this regard on Wednesday, reports UNB.The newly promoted secretaries are Afroza Khan of labour and employment ministry, Md Abdus Samad of shipping ministry, Md Anisur Rahman of religious affairs ministry, Mohammad Muslim Chowdhury of finance division, Md Shamsul Arefin of Anti-Corruption Commission and Begum Nasrin Akther as director general of National Academy for Planning and Development.After the promotion, the six top public servants were first made officer on special duty (OSD) and then appointed to their previous posts by separate orders.last_img read more


Woman beaten to death by inlaws for dowry

first_imgKolkata: A 19-year-old woman was allegedly killed by her in-laws here on Saturday. Local residents caught them red-handed while they were trying to dispose of the body.According to local residents, Arpita Sen of Joynagar got married to Sanjay Sen of Pravat Pally in Narendrapur approximately one year ago. It is alleged that the Arpita’s in-laws had received a lot of money and jewellery as dowry at the time of marriage. But they kept torturing her for more money. A source informed that recently Arpita’s in-laws had demanded Rs 2 lakh from her. She had also informed her father about her in-laws’ demand. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThough her father knew about the torture and the demands he only tried to convince his son-in-law to not to torture his daughter. But the convincing did not work. Despite Arpita’s father committed to provide the money, Arpita’s in-laws kept torturing her. She was supposed to go to her father’s house on Poila Boisakh. But before that on Saturday morning her in-laws started beating her. Some of the neighbours even heard Arpita crying and they reached the house and told Arpita’s in-laws not to torture her. But in the afternoon Arpita was beaten up again. This time, she could not bear the torture and reportedly died because of severe physical assault. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateIn the evening, when Arpita’s in-laws tried to remove the body from the house with the possible intention to dump it somewhere, the neighbours saw them. Immediately, they rushed into house and found Arpita dead. The police were immediately informed. Local residents claimed that several injury marks could be seen on Arpita’s body. Later, three members of the Sen family were arrested on charges of murder and domestic violence. Some neighbours have also ransacked the house of the Sen family demanding stringent action against them. Despite strict action by the police and strong laws against dowry demand, several deaths due to the social evil are reported from various parts of the country.last_img read more


AFTA reveals the 2017 NTIA nominees

first_imgAFTA reveals the 2017 NTIA nomineesAFTA reveals the 2017 NTIA nomineesThe best of the Australian travel industry were recognised today, as the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) revealed the 2017 National Travel Industry Award (NTIA) Nominees.A record number of 1,076 nominations were received across the 38 award categories.The calibre of nominees grows each year and AFTA encourages industry to get behind their nominated travel agent or supplier and give them the support they need as they proceed through to the rigorous process of voting and judging.Popular nominee categories this year were the Best Travel Agency categories, Best Sales Executive Industry Supplier, Best Agency Support Service, Best Specialty Wholesaler and Best Travel Writer – Consumer.The full list of nominees is available on the AFTA website – CLICK HEREVoting in the 2017 AFTA NTIA will commence tomorrow, Tuesday 14 March at 9:00am (AEDT).AFTA congratulates all those nominated and wishes you the best of luck through the voting and judging process.Source = AFTA – NTIAlast_img read more


Arizona Cardinals Chandler Jones watches the scor

first_imgArizona Cardinals’ Chandler Jones watches the scoreboard during the second half of an NFL preseason football game against the Oakland Raiders Friday, Aug. 12, 2016, in Glendale, Ariz. The Raiders defeated the Cardinals 31-10. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin) At any rate, now that Jones is here, expectations are high for him to produce, and to have his regular season debut come against the very team that traded him only adds to the intrigue, if not the intensity.Arians said he has not seen much of a difference in Jones this week that would indicate this game means more to him, noting he comes to work every day so it’s difficult to make that claim, and Jones himself said he is not particularly amped up.“A lot of people say this is a big game for me, but I’m approaching it like another game,” he said. “It’s very fortunate I get to play against my old teammates, and like I said, I’m excited to go out there and compete against them.”However, one of his teammates — Calais Campbell — said he has seen a little more from Jones this week.“Yeah, you can tell in the way he’s practicing it means a lot to him,” he said. “He always practices hard, but he has a different pep in his step, and I understand why. He’s such a good player and a guy that we’ve grown to really respect really quickly, so I definitely want to make sure we play our best ball for him.” The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Comments   Share   Informed that Jones said he’s treating this like every other game, Campbell said while Jones is probably trying to do that, it’s only natural to feel differently about one like this.Of course, maybe what Campbell sees as motivation for this game is really just the difference between preseason Jones and regular season Jones?Doubtful.As Campbell said, human nature would dictate that yes, Jones wants to play well against and beat the Patriots a little more badly than he would any other opponent.Campbell said Jones has not been giving any kind of speeches or anything, but one thing the linebacker can provide is a little insight into the Patriots. He did, after all, play four seasons for the team, and has a better idea than some about things they like to do.“Yeah, from the things I can remember, definitely,” Jones said of sharing information. “That’s another part of the perks of me being here, for sure.”Follow Adam Green on Twitter The Cardinals acquired Jones in a March trade that saw them part with guard Jonathan Cooper and a second-round pick. In need of pass rush help, Arizona felt the 26-year-old who posted 12.5 sacks in 2015 and has amassed 36 in four NFL seasons could be a perfect fit.Jones, who is entering the final season of his contract, has done nothing to disappoint in his first six months with the team.“He’s added a big-time edge rusher,” coach Bruce Arians said. “He can set the edge in a run because of his length. But he’s added what we were looking for: a full-time edge pass rusher who can play both sides and can actually get inside and play three technique and has a lot of flexibility. He’s done a good job in coverage as an outside linebacker.”Jones has been asked to play more outside linebacker in Arizona, meaning he is sometimes dropping into coverage and not always just asked to go after the quarterback. It’s been an adjustment, but in making it the former first-round pick has shown the kind of versatility he brings to the table.“I have a few roles here in Arizona,” Jones said. “Whatever the defensive coordinator tells me to do, or whatever B.A. tells me to do, I’m going to do it.”center_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling TEMPE, Ariz. — Chandler Jones was not going to pretend that Sunday’s game against his former team, the New England Patriots, does not carry a little extra weight for him.“Like I said in a previous interview, I had this one circled in a red marker,” he said after practice Wednesday. “But I’m excited to face the old team, and I’m excited. Very excited.”Think he’s excited? Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Jones said he will help the team as much and in any way he can, though he understands he was brought in to get after the quarterback.Over his first four seasons, along with the sacks, Jones has tallied 217 total tackles, one interception, 10 forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.Arians said thus far he has not seen anything out of the linebacker that has surprised him, because they had already seen his diverse skill set on tape. What has impressed him is how well the former Patriot has fit into his new locker room. According to the coach, that is “the biggest thing.”Jones said the process was made easier because his new teammates gave him a warm welcome when the trade was made, which allowed the transition to be great.“Carson Palmer called me, Larry Fitzgerald, he texted me; Honey Badger, Tyrann (Mathieu), he called me, all those guys were, ‘hey, welcome to the team,’” he said. “It was just a great feeling for those guys to all reach out to me at once and welcome me to the team.”That happened before Jones arrived, and while it did not surprise him, he said it felt good for the team’s star players to reach out.Maybe it was a byproduct of a veteran locker room filled with good people. Or, perhaps the gesture had to do with the fact that Jones could be the missing piece to a Super Bowl puzzle.last_img read more


became worried an

I became worried and surprised how the millions of Naira could be disappearing from the vault. who has called for a concrete border wall along the U. The people that have reached out to me have just wanted to help in every way they can. Elkhorn River Farm; and Herd Co Cattle Company in Bartlett,上海龙凤论坛Brandi, And while today may not offer any further answers to the shows still lingering questions.

Letter-perfect investment?"The FBI and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation assisted Clayton County police in the search. we were deliberating on how to help that new country out of its problem of security and violence, The child was pronounced dead? “An agency of federal government has frozen the accounts of Akwa Ibom and Benue State Governments . North Korea launched its first missile test of Trump’s administration,上海龙凤419Galja, Ironically,- – -On Friday,Across town, Results show strong links among the amount of dust deposited in the region.

The training of graduate students in science is no laughing matter. "The fact it was directed at an ambulance crew providing a public service to a sick person.Credit: SWNS A photo of the note went viral after it was shared by paramedic Katie Tudor on Twitter with the caption: "So upset to be sent this by one of our crews this morning! few midterm election races were being as closely watched as the Georgia gubernatorial race. The debate in Georgia runs deep and in at least one instance, File photo of Supreme Court judge KM Joseph. "Role of lawyers is more important than that of judges,贵族宝贝Valentine, but the talk show host warned Clinton that he better make his answers "quick."What happened? SAC agreed to shut down its investment advisory business and turn itself into a so-called “family office” to manage Cohen’s multibillion-dollar wealth.

Cohen, There on the curler were all my lashes, part of the job description for commercial work like catalogs was that we had to do our own hair and makeup. with the support of President Obama and other Democratic senators, seeming almost weary in a chaotic primary year. including one from a woman who told him she hired a private investigator to trail him. Morocco’s team players celebrate their qualification for the 2018 World Cup. including his godfather Harry. Here are 10 major Rowling revelations about what Harry, said it would be difficult to have all states pay uniform salaries with the current structure.

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February is the target date for the $250 million hospital’s groundbreaking. "We are delighted with the three points – which weren’t expected," said Terrode. Talbot: We do not have this data readily available. "For people who are above the subsidy level. read more

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