see the title, we must be very strange, it has never been published, from small flow to large flow.

2008 February I began to study the site, I was more love of hacker technology, so they made a hacker site prompted by a sudden impulse, Guangdong hacker alliance corn and site names are made good. I see a lot of Cantonese, because the area of hacker alliance online site, such as Guangxi, Hunan and so on hacker hacker alliance alliance, is not Guangdong hacker alliance, so we immediately began to build a Guangdong hacker alliance website, do a few days, did not extend to me, contrary to expectation is, since see the station about 10 days, the flow of more than 1000, and a few days traffic rose to more than 5000, Wah Wah! (flow of about 4000 is from Baidu search, 500 from GG, the other from friends who help me spread in other sites, because the station is the first Guangdong Hacker Union so, a lot of Guangdong hacker enthusiasts are willing to help promote) to see such a scene I was moved to tears.

because of this, let me feel stand too interesting, then I went online looking for the establishment of the relevant information, to learn more knowledge from the station, met in SEO, then you do what SEO was on the SEO do not know, is the title keyword on the website, all changed once, but I did not expect to be such a change, the second day flow decreased to about 3000IP, helpless, and change back after a few days, the remaining 1000 of the IP, I almost did not faint. Then, less traffic every day, and finally lost confidence, directly to the revision, I have to delete the entire station, and then start from the new. This time I use the knowledge I have learned very seriously to do well.

really, when people do not pay, do a few days flow once again to more than 3000, and so. The hope came, I worked very hard to update every day, and then there are several hacker enthusiasts asked to join me, I promised. As soon as these netizens joined, they told me that the style of the website was not good, and then I changed the style. Hey… After such a change, my God, the traffic is getting less and less every day. In the end the flay and deleted from the new station engaged, this made style do quite well, I think SEO is very good, the keyword hacker alliance on the second page of Baidu keyword first, the hacker on the third page of Baidu, but this key didn’t bring me much traffic before. The traffic is mostly from the popular popular software tutorial, but these keywords are not.

well, for a month, the traffic is climbing up and down. More than a month later, only about 1000IP. Completely lost confidence, because this way, began to become lazy, and since then the update is very slow, a month did not update a few content, to get more and more popular bottom, and finally only more than 100 loyal supporters, 100