this paper is mainly to explain some problems about industrial real estate website operators should avoid, and why I say this one is mainly because the operators do long to produce solid thinking, for many new things to watch old ideas. In this paper, the author will talk about some of the problems encountered in the operation of Jiangxi’s industrial real estate network and how to avoid it afterwards.

industrial real estate network belongs to the real estate category, which is the home life category, but the industrial real estate is different from other types of real estate website. Therefore, in operation has its own characteristics. If using the method of housing rental website general to promote operation of industrial real estate website then it will certainly get even have the opposite effect. Then, what should be paid attention to in the operation of industrial real estate websites?


1, website content

first mentioned or website content, website content is the first image of the website, do industrial real estate website natural content and the real estate industry, which is industrial land, industrial park, factory or workshop information linked. Now most of the housing sites for more housing intermediary and third party companies operating, which there is a fatal factor in it, leading to the housing intermediary site is not popular. Because the housing intermediary website is entirely for profit and operation. In this, I avoid the industrial real estate content construction, do not have too strong purpose, and more to reference materials, guidance and other means of display.

and now many sites for the SEO effect, often set up another article system to update the article. Most of them are for SEO, and SEO doesn’t think much about the content. They don’t often think that for users, anything posted on the web is likely to be browsed. If the content of the website lacks professionalism, it can not give users a good sense of experience, then the user’s impression of the site will definitely be greatly reduced. Finally, make yourself into a blind alley.

two can not provide maximum convenience for users to complete operations


status of most websites have a membership function, these operations with respect to the majority of young people with no obstacle, however the user groups for small business owners, the age level is relatively high, for the operation of the complex network they are shown more impatient. This requires us to streamline all steps, only need to call, name registration is required, the company name, address is optional. Just these 4.

three, do nothing to do with their own industry,


website is the most taboo of two minds, do a professional operation of the site and other industries will inevitably be affected, such as certain and added a new section, a certain network changed a layout, a certain increase which aspects and so on such issues, we tend to beautiful eyes to look at their desired things, but forget the way to go step by step. Do three