so, love Shanghai collections do? The most important title in the equivalent of the anchor text of the chain, so with the best keywords. Of course. Is what you want to improve web site ranking, on the home page and the inside pages are equally effective. Description and classification is a minor, not what effect on weight. Is most in need of attention, open green points on certain hook is white, or do. This setting, the spider can be a very good grasp, and bring the weight.



but there is a haven’t been discovered the land, has been proved can be brought to the site of weight, that is the love of Shanghai collection. Look at the picture below, we found that Shanghai is a snapshot of the love collection, that is to say the web site is also a collection of spiders to crawl the page. Of course, this is the love of Shanghai collecting spiders, and not our website on the largest web spider. However, love Shanghai web page ranking will also refer to other spider crawling data, that is to say, a collection is equivalent to a general weight of the chain.

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all the webmaster friends started from station, has been in use to love Shanghai products to the chain and promotion. Love the Shanghai encyclopedia, know, Post Bar did not miss, will be arranged a large number of the chain, it is precisely because of the heavy chain to the invasion of Shanghai led to a serious blow to the nature of love advertising links. These products are now love Shanghai has been unable to do even if the link has no effect. So, these places are no longer suitable for the chain, and it is easy to be involved.

was so rotten when all love Shanghai products, we are constantly looking for new methods, new attempt, in this way, we can one step faster than others to get good rankings. Love Shanghai collections have already been unearthed, and the experiment has been proved to be effective. Organize a team, let more people to collect our link, can quickly gain weight and ranking. "Whether you believe it or not, I believed anyway." There is also a love of Shanghai share, is also very practical, can bring a lot of traffic to the site. The content and specific operation we also say.

we used or registered a few love Shanghai account, then add a collection for your website, this is a chain. However, on several collections of their own, is really not what big effect. If the quantity is larger, the effect is obvious, and the effect of time soon. Somebody has done a test, not a ranking of pages, after 80 personal collections, second to the home page on the pegasus. This is the love of Shanghai collection effect.