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English Shanghai dragon that updated website snapshot is a search engine to reflect your weight and website content quality and frequent updates, in fact, keep updated snapshot is only one, that is the site with the update and the chain high weight website and regularly. Then the snapshot update time on the website ranking have much impact? Many people have different views on this, but some people think that the snapshot is the search engine to save your website in a state of a certain period of time only, or to prevent his loss of data archiving. But the consensus view is the website snapshot update time frequently on the website itself and the website ranking is certainly beneficial. The website snapshot update time is a very important role is the exchange of Links, relative to the website, the website that you update snapshot included in the faster a lot number included. So, to update the site snapshot still has very important significance for the web site.

content of the fresh degree is actually what we call originality, is to let the search engine think our content is the one and only on the Internet, the only way to attract the contents of the search engine, a long period of time to do so, will stimulate the spider crawling site frequency, so the search engine is more and more of our love the site, will continue to enhance the website weight. At the same time also can promote the snapshot time is updated every day, because every day we have new things to attract it, keep it on our website crawling and update.

website weight of this thing, especially for the new station, is the need to develop slowly. The weight of the website snapshot update time is a very important index, there is a saying, is how high the weight of your site search engine included your site, of course it is a percentage, is the percentage of your whole web page, so that new sites to increase the weight, first of all should be rich around the station, your site’s theme is to organize content, your website has become rich and high quality content in a field set, then the search engine on your website is more and more favor, the weight of your site will slowly increase, this period should also do some outside the chain of high quality, enhance the number of spiders climb your site, promote the site, to further enhance the website weight.

to improve website weight and content freshness to attract the attention of the search engine from the site as a whole, the website construction of the external links is a key site external link building many webmaster very understand, "

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how can keep the site updated every day snapshot? The core method for most of the webmaster Shanghai dragon are relatively clear, once you have mastered, and to follow the prescribed order well, with the weights of the website promotion, website snapshot is updated every day is not difficult. What is the method of these core

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