love Shanghai station outside the chain of tools, since all the webmaster oriented open below, by a lot of attention. It is still in beta, many industry insiders are eligible to receive beta which features in Shanghai outside the chain of tools discussed in addition however, when facing the long chain tool website, and Discussion on its characteristics. The author will talk about those features of company web site outside the chain of tools from their own responsible for the.

the author is responsible for the "Shenzhen mold factory" has been ranked in the home, love Shanghai station outside the chain of tools when the query link in the "chain of the page Shenzhen die factory" has more than 50 links, and the anchor text link text in the other (Links),


Sina blog, many owners have been using it in the chain, Sina blog included is also very good in love in Shanghai. So Sina blog the chain into a large chain from many webmaster. However, when I log on today love Shanghai chain Webmaster Platform, found the source of the chain in the source domain, a sina贵族宝贝.cn of a look, should be the Sina blog, the Sina blog the chain don’t those professional staff, is only the beginning of a day to send the article, but is the beginning of the insert the links to your web site, which also led to the Sina blog for a month, many articles, but not being included, however, today I found that loss of mirror fell ah, Sina blog page is not included, but part of the article page included, there are pictures and the truth, have come to the onlookers. I was thinking, this is the love of Shanghai K blog page? But there is no reason ah, the blog page are not included, there is no K. After the study, the author thinks that only the following situations, first, blog page was included, but is now put out. Second, love Shanghai grab part of the page, but is not included, for example, can return to the search results to see the blog page I enter the address, but included blog title did not appear to be related to the page. But it also shows that Shanghai love spiders to crawl the page. So I think, as long as the chain spider to crawl, should be useful for ranking, must not have the chain included.

screenshot, a friend will say, "Shenzhen mold factory" competition is not high, as long as several chain anchor text and contains the word title, but in the keyword density set down time can quickly make up. However, I still believe that the chain of keywords ranking is of great effect, because my title is inside the mold factory in Shenzhen, but in a row after, from title from left to right weight decreasing situation, although the keyword, but the weight.


Sina blog chain

The Here is only a part of the keyword ranking from the sourceA website