if we operate properly, ranking up part, use Webmaster Tools query weights will increase a lot. However, the real increase in the flow is not what greatly. This is why

2, ignore the long tail word mass. When we are aiming for dozens or hundreds of index of word, in fact, we ignore the long tail word thousands of. There are many users will search the word, because the single word search volume is too small, the love of Shanghai index or other webmaster tools have no statistics to. However, because the number of such words a lot, add up to the overall traffic will be very large. At the same time, the long tail word competition itself is very small, if we do it, it is easy to do up the rankings.

this phenomenon, mainly the following two reasons:

do we all want the weight and flow. Many people have a weight equal to the weight of high flow, that flow on the large, sometimes not so. We put the weight lifting up, site traffic has not improved. The boats to be explained according to their own experience.

article: agricultural products 贵族宝贝cp.3456.tv/, reproduced please specify the source address and.

industry, perhaps when you use the webmaster tools query, the weight is not high, even seemed to be less than a business station. However, because the industry station has a lot of content, covering tens of thousands of the long tail word. Perhaps a word ranking, only more than 10 days to bring a website traffic, but when the number of these words is enough, your daily traffic to a very high weight looks a lot more enterprise station.


many people work like this:

Many of the

1, Shanghai search volume index is not love. Many people think that love is the Shanghai index search volume, it is not. Love Shanghai index is more search trend display, search volume instead of the real user reaction. Love Shanghai search volume index may be several times higher than the user really, according to different industries and different.

station has many industries such phenomenon, brought to the site search flow most, is that we have not noticed, only a day to a traffic agent website keywords.

choose the industry word, love Shanghai index analysis, to find suitable sites to do the words, and then on the home page, or directory page, or the page content to do. Then to do promotion, waiting for their ranking up.