two: the appropriate contents reflect the true meaning of

content on the site, and ultimately we want to reprint this reprint is a lot of knowledge, not simple to others the article introduced here, but to carry out appropriate screening, as far as possible to find the first-hand resources to reprint, because now a lot of high quality articles, in the process of being reproduced. In this or that change, because others want to increase the possibility of their pseudo original web content included, but such a pseudo original, can easily change the meaning of the original content, caused by the misunderstanding of others, so I have reproduced in time to find the original, so that it can allow users to find accurate first-hand the data of these content must be relevant and core keywords your website, can not find some not related content, since the rich look The content of the website is, but in fact it is the wrong person, but cause the bad phenomenon of


: according to the key words from the Internet to find the real source of

web content without their own characteristics, it is difficult to make a breakthrough in the multitude inside the website, so when writing the content on the website, must be with its own characteristics, and the method to find the characteristics, nature or their own content, especially their own original content, can give you deeply on the website of the brand, such as many.

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website is a one of the most important content, website content is equivalent to the human body skin, website structure and procedures, like the skeleton of the body, only two have good collocation, can let the body become plump, cute, or bare skeleton show, some give people a feeling of terror! So the rich web content, is the fullness of their body, high quality content, shaping up human body is very beautiful, if the content quality is low, the body looks like there are many defects, various broken Zhao Benshan shaping people that can only be completed a laughingstock, but can not let others have beautiful feeling! So the website content in the process of construction, we must think of a way to find high quality content, the author will share the self The method of


created a website, more or less will have a certain understanding and insight myself to this industry, although this is not the best, at least it can be in on people, so for the industry inside, some obscure, properly explained, although also from the Internet to find. But through their own paper, the original is difficult to understand the content, appropriate language, this is undoubtedly a very high quality content, such as some profound truth, we can through the fable form, let people more easily understand the central idea, so that the content has not changed, but the corresponding text has changed and become easier to understand, no matter what the search engine or the user, are very useful

three: appropriate for his creation of