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in the description that a lot of stationmaster also looks love stack keywords, help to improve the weight of the website, but it is in fact very affect the weight of the website, and even lead to K, usually the description of the website, we need a coherent statement, but in this statement which add a keyword it would be better, don’t get unfluent

you should know the title of the site is very important, but many people do in the beginning because positioning is not pay attention to the content, resulting in the title of the site to change, this is the Shanghai dragon optimization is very unfavorable, usually the title of the site to have the main keywords website operations, but also to add on the long tail keywords appropriate, this helps to improve the weight of a web page, and those who often change the site title, may eventually lead to the site by K, so you cannot optimize the website that is all-match

site keywords accumulation of the more the better, so that can effectively improve the site’s weight, but the result is often counterproductive, as long as we love Shanghai seriously look at the optimization guide will be able to understand, to improve the user experience is very important, any optimization has a code, that is can not affect the user experience, and keyword stuffing, the whole page is not content, which naturally greatly affect the user experience, love Shanghai and other search engines often come to give you the weight of the user experience by judging your net bounce rate station! So keyword stuffing is not desirable, not in effect under the premise that the user experience, appropriate to increase the density of keywords is the optimization of the


: Site Title Optimization error


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! internal link optimization We believe that the word

here mainly refers to the anchor text inside the website article, usually an article appears inside the anchor text up to three times or so, do not exceed five, if excessive increase of anchor text, also let a search engine at

for Shanghai dragon will not feel strange, because whether it is personal Adsense or enterprise or website or, to see the Shanghai dragon is very important, the lifeblood of even the website is relying on Shanghai dragon to support, visible Shanghai dragon and Phoenix now further webmaster heart, like a donkey nets the emergence of Shanghai is the marketing Longfeng classic, although the Shanghai dragon is very important, but some webmaster even if again how attention Shanghai dragon, the effect is not very good, this is because many webmaster imperceptibly have entered the Shanghai dragon optimization errors, we have the following five kinds of common misunderstanding analysis!

site is often the focus of the optimization of Shanghai dragon, so the importance of the optimization of the chain is self-evident for the majority of the webmaster.

five: optimization of

site keywords optimization errorMany people think that ! right!