believes there are many peers as I have above experience it, after a painful experience, I have a new understanding of Shanghai dragon, not deliberately put the first keyword ranking on the target, but more attention to a website user experience itself effective degree. Only down-to-earth, not opportunistic, can guarantee the website ranking stable, reduce the number of K. After my careful analysis, can be analyzed from the following aspects.


site is K is a lot more headaches, good not to do up the rankings, in an instant all disappeared, let a person really is very sad. So what is the relationship between K and website, those factors? I think that the site is K and the extension staff opportunistic, there is a certain relationship. Please see the article for your introduction.

first personal experience to talk about, when I am engaged in network promotion work in the early stage, are doing very duty work, rarely do opportunistic things, has been honest updates, mind is always thinking I would love the user, how to organize the content, to please my users. At that time, write your own way, website promotion way is in strict accordance with the standards, are responsible for their own ranking was stable for a certain time. Perhaps people are lazy, perhaps tired every day to repeat the same work, I began to abandon the "user", to the pseudo original, crazy learned to make the chain, also began to experience the site several times by K, and has repeatedly been K. From this thing I know, things must be serious, not opportunistic, regardless of the flow rate more brilliant website, when the moment is K, everything.

1, pay attention to the speed and the number of pages included. Maybe a lot of people in order to save, wrote many articles, piled up, issued a unified in a certain period of time. I write the article immediately, updated snapshot of the article included and website are greatly beneficial. As the Shanghai dragon staff, we have to analyze the quantity and quality of every website published articles, a lot of analysis of how to improve the editorial level and included rate. Avoid blindly pseudo original, only pay attention to the methods focus on quality not quantity.

2, avoid excessive website optimization, a station must step by step. A lot of impatient owners would make optimization over things, one day does not see the result website webmaster will increase the intensity of Shanghai dragon, but now can not say no one fully understands the search engine calculation method, so if we optimize the excessive, the slightest mistake is suspected of cheating, especially at the beginning of the site, site the weight is not high, want to eat a fat one almost impossible. The best website development way is progressive, not to say do not optimization, but to gradually optimized, especially the adjustment of keyword density, must not be a sudden increase a lot, so the search engine is not easy to accept, it is possible to cause the consequences of being K.

3, continue to do better.