in the right navigation, is a product of the classification, such as:

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home mediated, and can be seen in the first row of beauty sale and second parent-child sale, third of home sales, fourth tomorrow on several page navigation, so why the navigation to this order, they whether there are some potential rules? To be sure, some rules if I said, beauty needs > parent-child stores > home products; > tomorrow you must be on the line, to my point of view, so the navigation is in accordance with the user demand to sort, to the most user experience.

besides, ranking, the net sale of the product page as shown in figure

web page layout is to improve the user experience, the electricity supplier websites user experience better means can have more volume, to enhance user stickiness information website user experience will be better. Now the major site for their site layout are more and more exquisite, like before the goods the seller’s market to the buyer’s market now, this is the inevitable trend of user behavior, intent on finding users, with reasonable layout, improve the user experience, which is represent the general trend of Shanghai dragon.

website layout, there is generally a product search box, but there was a seemingly should be placed in the left side of the business class site classification navigation was replaced, which is why it? Here is when it comes to characteristics of the web site, the site is a sale of goods, by category do a search condition can show more of the sale of goods to the user, the search for a specific commodity mall site, convenient for the user to quickly find the goods they want. "This should be classified navigation places but made the sale of the product display area on its own, this is in line with their own features of the site layout, good experience while users will certainly use the site to feel this imperceptibly bring characteristics.

Here we take a well-known

sale website as an example, analysis of the site layout need to know what skills.

did Taobao friends will know that Taobao has a baby ranking effect is the shortest time from the shelves of goods first chance to show, from the picture of the time can be seen, the site is also the existence of such factors. There is the sale of products display time setting, can be seen the longest 7 days or so, so why 7 days instead of 1 days, 2 days, this is also from the user perspective, the user see the goods to buy goods from the decision requires certain time, 1, 2 the day will certainly have to consider the time hasty, 7>

According to the conventional

, as follows:

First of all we see from the navigation