here refers to the information associated with the page content description, number of words in about 300 words or so, at least more than your meta content more than 2 times.

is the webmaster you often hear a word: content is king. The "King" refers to the actual user needs for content, search engine optimization, any ranking of the first page, he must have some quality content. Of course, here we don’t want to talk about how to do the content, but to talk about "how to do a single page in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but also can improve the user experience, make it easier for users to accept your content.

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e-commerce website or blog page etc.. In this case, we will try to expand the content of the page, one of the most simple way is to increase the fixed number of tag keywords or web page navigation links in the upper content directory.

2, the content of web pages using

generally each page will have a correlation between the theme, all the words are also around this theme, but sometimes we may need to use multiple themes in a web page, such as reference to other text etc.. This time for the contents of the layout requires the use of such as < and < H2 > H3; > HTML marking this, the key point is that if some text has nothing to do with the subject, it is best to put in other markers, such as topic related content using < H2 & gt; to mark, and with the theme "

for search engine optimization, web content length cannot be less than 250 words ideal. 250 words here we mean that the actual content of the page in the page, not including the head, and the bottom of the sidebar. It is only the pure content.


1 web content length


paragraph not only for the useful search engine, also can improve the user experience, before we know the single page content not less than 250 words, including before you add the keyword link and content description. Now we will provide the content of these segments, the best section number is 3~4, but never less than this figure, for example, my habit is the most general web content is divided into 4 sections.

The relevant text

should say for a single page, the 250 word is the minimum, if the page content can be more than 1000+ words, so in the search engine can get better rankings. Of course, some special pages must have 250 words so much.

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but do not necessarily get good rankings, because the search engine will generally ignore the fixed position of the link information. So here we also do second optimization, is coupled with some text in the upper part of these links.

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